What Rock is most superior when starting up a new tank, Dead or live?

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    I am looking to start up my second reef tank next week, and there is a lot of mixed review among my friends. With live rock potentially carrying pests or bringing over algae and nitrates, but dead rock taking longer to cure and cycle the tank. What are your guys thoughts? Hopefully we can see a clear verdict by the end of the poll!

    Thanks a lot [poll question=’Which rock is best for starting a new tank?’ options=’Dead Rock, Live Rock’]


    I’ve never started a setup with dead rock as my first setup was a second hand 65 Ltr.

    I then purchased a 90 Ltr nano new and transferred my live rock from my old tank, I needed more so I purchased more live. I have just upgraded to a Red Sea Max 130d and it was running and came with live rock.

    If I was starting from scratch I would go with dead and seed it, mainly because aqua scape would be so much easier.


    I voted dead rock, I’ve used it in my build. Scaping with dry rock is a lot easier than with live rock and there is no need to rush. Having said that there’s extra work involved in getting the dead rock ready to use and the potential phosphate problems.

    I would definitely use dead/dry over live in the future.


    Depends on your budget, ideally live every time IMO, but I did add dead rock to my newer setup cos it came at a really good price, which seeded with the rock from my old setup

    the only reason i would consider dead rock over live is if i was attempting to do an overly complicated/fancy aquascape, you can set it in the tank, pull it out, drill it, stick it together with less mess than wet rock.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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