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    Hello I currently have a juwel trigon 190 tank with :
    2 clown fish
    1 Midas blenny
    1 royal gramma brasslett
    2 Bengaii cardinals
    1 yellow watchman goby
    1 yellow tang

    And corals:

    And would like to eventually add some sps
    My final few fish I would like to add eventually are:
    Valentini Puffer ( which I would like to hear people experiences with these in a reef tank )
    Mandarin goby
    Flame hawkfish

    Any advice on valentinis would be greatly appreciated as I love puffers and heard these are probably the most reef safe !?


    Valantini aren’t normally a problem with corals but expect some minor nipping as this is how they figure out the world (like puppies chewing), they might also remove the odd species they don’t like but you can just not keep that species.
    They are a personable species that are normally well behaved with anything else fish wise but might demolish your cuc. Hermits and snails are most at risk but they can nip at starfish as well. I find feeding foods like clams on a half shell, mussels, prawns and krill keeps them occupied and we’ll behaved.


    Oh great thanks think I’ve made my mind up then I will be getting one ! I don’ mind about my hermits only have 3 not too worried I’m assuming a fire shrimp would be okay as its a good size ? And don’ think I have anything small enough to be picked on well hopefully! I’l look for a smaller one so hopefully itl be settled with its tank mates by the time it bests a bigger beak !!


    They are great community fish, very placid, with a lot of personality and very quirky! (just how my missus describes me, but without the personality…) Never had any problems with them tbh., but don’t put 2 in the same tank.
    will be getting another for my new build for sure.


    Blood, cleaner or peppermint shrimps are a risk. It’s really down to the individual tobie as to whether they look tasty or not. In most cases they should be fine if the shrimp is added first and is larger but I’ve also seen tobies swimming around with shrimp antennae sticking out their mouths.


    I have 1 and it eats algae flakes and pellets which suprised me!


    I got my Toby Sunday doing great I love it ! Up to now not gone near my corals or hermits ! It’s eating mysis and brine which is good just wondering when I want to try clams(half shell) mussels prawns or krill I’m assuming I just buy these from a seafood counter? If so am I best rinsing them in r.o or anything first? Also could I freeze these and thaw on the day I wanna use them ?

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