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    Hi guys,

    Recently I have heard a lot about being using algae scrubbers. I personally have never used one, so I am curious to see just how good they are at combatting algae problems in the home aquarium. Just wanted, to ask if anyone has used one and their experiences with it? what are the benefits and if any what are the drawbacks? and has any one made one themselves? If they are any good I will be looking at making my own DIY version, so if anyone has done that please let me know 🙂


    Used it. Loved it. Doing it again.

    Using a scrubber was what got me more interested into the water change-less methods to reef keeping. My scrubber was DIY and only ran for a few months before a kalk overdose wiped the screen clean. Unfortunately, the hair algae which grows on a scrubber trapped the kalk paste in its fibers and the localized PH increase killed it all off. I was forced to go to chaeto until I had the time to get one running again. My scrubber was poorly designed but did its job well. My next one is going to be LED and will be built into an acrylic box like most of the ones that you can order online.

    When set up properly, it will pull nitrate and phosphate to levels undetectable with hobbyist test kits.
    You get a clean slate every single week and all of the inorganic nutrients pulled from the tank get thrown in the trashcan.
    Detritus cannot accumulate inside of a scrubber like it can in a refugium.
    Helps minimize nightly PH swings.
    Introduces pods into the tank like you would not believe. (scrubber = happy mandarins)
    Removes heavy metals like iron and copper from the water.
    Can tip you off to something else being wrong in the tank by its growth rate.

    The algae stinks.
    Requires basic knowledge of scrubbers to “read” your algae every week and make adjustments.
    The screen has to mature before it works the way it is supposed to.
    You will be less popular.

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