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    Hello everyone

    I have noticed through reading the feeds that a lot of people buy there fish/corals from a reasonable distance from home and then drive them back. The best marine shop near me is an hour away. I was wondering, how everyone gets them home safely? I am worried about them being cooked in the weather at the moment or too cold in the winter. How is everyone else doing it?



    I use a polystyrene box that some mail order fish came in, my nearest shop is about an hour away as well


    I knocked this up for single fish purchases.
    Works a treat keeping temperature and stops the bag getting snagged/broken also


    Awesome. Thank you both! I will try and make something similar.

    How long do you you could transport a fish for like that?


    An hour is nothing. I’ve frequently transported fish a couple of hours away. Any more than that I would put the bag in a poly box. The fish shop should have a spare one laying around if you’re worried and most reputable lfs should ask you how long your journey is and pack accordingly.


    My last not so local LFS visit was a 5 hour drive from AAC back to Plymouth 2 weeks ago with 10 fish and a couple of SPS colonies, every fish and coral bagged individually, 3 x large poly boxes everything was fine when I got home, doesn’t matter what the outside temperature is once they are sealed in a poly box, the greater the volume of water the longer it will keep it’s temperature.
    As already stated any reputable LFS will have poly boxes and will pack accordingly

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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