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    My toadstool is collapsing everyday when the light is on, it is lifting back at night. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and it was fine until two weeks ago when it started collapsing in the morning. Any ideas?

    Rio 125 4 months old
    60ltr sump
    18kg live rock (Bought from breaking tank)
    Light 2x24W t5 white, 2x24w t5 blue, 4 blue led’s(night)
    Return pump eheim 1000l/h
    Circulation pump jebao rw-8

    Water parameters:
    Ph – 8.4
    Ammonia – 0
    No3 – 10
    No2 – 0
    Ca2+ – 420
    Kh – 8.3
    SG – 1.024
    Temp – 24


    mines started to do that as well i wonder if its because its to close to the lights


    just to let you know iv’e dimmed my lights and all my softies look much happier


    Theoretically lightning is ok if not to less, I have tried to move it to the different spots in the tank also my jebao pump is running all the time in wave mode. Except lightning everything is running day and night.
    It has been couple weeks since it started collapsing and I think its harder and harder to lift up.


    Yes, it does but it is turned off, this pump is too powerful for 125ltr tank so I keep it at low speed and the night mode is actually stronger.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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