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    So, we’re on holiday, our trusted neighbour is looking after the tank for the first half of the week and then a friend the second half of the week.

    It’s our biggest concern when we go away as I’m sure a lot of you will agree.

    Current set up – 625xxl reefer, 8 months old but only just over a 3 month fallow period.

    This is our current equipment, what we know and what we wished we could know while we’re away. Some of it I’m sure is possible with some different kit, some of it is wishful thinking!! Question is, what’s possible, and what systems (other cameras, apex etc) would tell us what?

    We can see the tank on holiday via a camera, but can’t see detail, can just make sure everyone is still swimming about and can see that the lights are working!

    Temperature – currently have 2 titanium 300w heaters on a temp controller. No chiller. Ran back in the house once Taxi for airport was already at or house to put a fan on the sump as was worried how hot the house would get with all the doors and windows closed.

    Q – What temp is the tank currently?

    Flow – 2 x MP40s, vectra m1, ecotech battery back up connected to the return pump and one MP40. I’m not a massive fan of the ecotech app – it doesn’t really tell me anything!!

    Q – Has the battery back up been activated (in event of power cut)
    Q – When has the tank been put into feed mode (to check when our tank sitters have been in, which we can tell from the camera but only by painstakingly trawling through footage!)

    Top up – reefloat ATO

    Q – what level is the ATO reservoir? (Usually lasts 13 days, we’re away for 8, should be fine but has having the fan on changed speed of evaporation)

    Skimmer – deltec sc1456

    Q – how full is the collection cup?

    Not sure how fast this is filling up now the fish are all back in (they only went back in 5 days before holiday and skimmer was off for first day as added some bacteria with the fish, didn’t show tank sitters how to empty it!)

    Not expecting you guys to answer these questions obviously, but how much of this stuff is possible to know via an app etc?



    I always change my skimmer to very dry when I go away.
    I have an IP cam directed at my DT and one in the sump.
    I have an ATO for my ATO and my RODI production is automated

    And have a Profilux and can control all my equipment remotely, I set it up as I stay away from the tank for days

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    Will have to read up on the profilux- not heard of that before


    I can answer most of those questions via my webcam. The cam has a pan and tilt the option so I can see the tank, the sump or electrics cupboard so I can read the temperature on my Simply Aquaria controller and check the Skimmer cup etc. I could probably check the ATU tank but the current set up has the dosing containers are in the way so I would need to shuffle stuff about a bit if I really wanted to check it. Of course there are controller options for pretty much everything all accessible via the internet/app/email if you wanted to go the whole hog. I can check the temp/pH/conductivity/redox via GHL.

    The power cut thing I can’t answer as I haven’t provided for that scenario as of yet.

    I hope you’re having a great holiday. 😀


    Great idea. Our camera is static so can’t zoom or move it, but we could set up something like that. Only trouble is it does rely on a good internet connection. We can see the camera in low quality pic mode but starts freezing on high quality mode. Playback also takes an age. I guess what I’d really like with the temp is an app to show me a graph of what the temp has been at what time, and alert me to my phone if it gets too hot / cold so I can contact the tank sitters and give instructions for heating / cooling.

    Holiday is great thanks, we’re in Rhodes, bit of snorkelling yesterday saw loads of conches, few gobies, some catfish looking things and from a bit of googling what we think were striped sea bream!


    My camera is pretty much fixed to the side of the tank so that I get a full tank side shot, but would love a FTS like yours.

    I used to struggle to get decent video till I switch to viewing them via VPN.

    More than fish, it’s the equipments which to kaput.

    I never believe the story of one conch died and the tsnk gone down hill, at least on my system the bacteria is well primed -as I feed mussels on shell almost every alternate day.

    I do get paranoid of equipment failure and more worrying is, my tank is fully covered.

    My gyres are on battery backup.

    Profilux is GHL controller, any one would do. But I have GHL and would not run a tank without it.

    Enjoy your holiday, sneak some goodies back. I know it’s a bad thing to say

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