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    Thought I’d make a start of this slow burn, don’t expect a journal in perfect English, or whit at any level)) but expect 5 second videos and a litte better than normal pictures……for me.

    The reefer, I dunno, it was a nice idea, planned out as best I could, but it was just not meant to be, this however is my forever tank, so has to be bang on the money, some things will be a challenge no doubt about it, I’ve been slowly collecting equipment since the close of my last tank, of which the only equipment I’m keeping is the skimmer, siporax and x filter.
    The new stuff so far is a stream 3 and deltec e flow 10, I’m going to get another stream 3 in time, the plan so far is a remote sump about 7m away, either a wooden stand or t slot aluminium. Custom tank at 1600x800x500 subject to change, external weir, traditional braced, but with pelmet or fully hooded.
    I’m guessing I’ll be somewhere near wet at Christmas, so today I made a start of things to come.


    What it’s not in and wet yet stop letting life get in the way time to crack on

    Good luck mate in for the long haul

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    Awesome!! We are talking Christmas 2019 right???

    Looking forward to seeing this one progress mate. Should be a fun build. At least that’s what I hope it is for you.



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    Good stuff Jay, following along mate, that will be a nice size tank. Presumably coming into the house on its side, and going against the left hand wall where the little ladder is in the last photo? As for the stand, as you say this is to be your forever tank I’d strongly suggest the Aluminium profile, yes it’s a lot more expensive than building it from wood, but it’s much stronger and lighter, you get so much more space in the cabinet, can have adjustable feet. Yes you need to know what you’re ordering but I know there are a few members on here who know the ins and outs of mounting panels and doors etc.
    Wishing you all the best with the build whatever way you go with it.

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    So, after what has been along time, I’ve finally got a tank ordered, not a custom build as I originally thought I wanted, but it seems I’ve gone full circle and got my old tanks bigger brother, the 750xxl, the tank is being delivered next Friday, but I’m far from in a position to get it wet, the wall still needs plastering, the room painting, power supplies and consumer until relocating, ups relocating, tiles and underfloor heating doing, then I can think about the tank
    But its ordered at least.
    The corals in the frag tank continue to do well, fish stock is being slowly increased.
    I now have:
    Yellow tang (going)
    Regal angel
    2x clowns
    Indo fire fish
    Red coris
    2x png’s (female is going)
    Silver belly
    Algae blenny
    Chalk goby
    6x allens
    2x tukas
    In qt I have a convict tang and white tail bristetooth


    Bit of a change in direction Jay, at least if you use the X Filter you’ll have a lot of filter socks to sell


    Tbh Chris it was starring to p!ss me off, plus the fact swmbo was starring to get used to the idea of no tank in the house, some thing had to give, I remember going to pick my skimmer up from pike on here who was selling up, a steal whoever had his 750, 4 months old for £1200.
    Anyway, I was impressed.
    This tank should not overwhelm the house, hopefully

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