The Algae Cycle

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    At the moment I have alot of many different types of algae, pink,yellow,green,red and much more.. The problem is that the algae is growing in the tank ,and nothing in the sump.

    I have alot of calerpa gowing in the main tank and I need to grow some in the sump…..

    Any suggestions. :b


    I have seen this topic raised before on some of the US reef boards. Plenty of calurpa and other desirable algae in the tank but unable to get it to grow in the sump/refugia…

    One thing that seems to be that the algae growing in the highest light will outcompete the algae growing in a lower light (usually sump/refugia). One soloution maybe to move all the calurpa from the main tank to the refugia so one isn’t out competing the other. In Adey’s algal turf scrubber system his beds of turf algae had higher lighting than the main tank!

    I’m sure someone who has a setup similar to yours maybe able to help better than me. I don’t have a sump/refugia so everything has to go in the main tank.


    when my uncle made my cabinet and hood he used normal varnish (the tank was his but i borught it off him he had it 4 his seahorses) he says he used ronseal let it alldry frist and i have had no probs with it its been used 4 tropical fresh water and marine hth


    Polyurethane varnish is quite tough, comes in a range of shades/stains or in clear form.

    Some give off a lot of fumes (usually the exterior grades) while they are drying so best keep the work piece away from the tank until the smell goes away.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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