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    I am looking for good beginner corals in an Aqua one Eurostyle 80 converted to marine so it only has 2 t5’s at the moment and not looking to upgrade anytime soon.

    Any corals that will work well with this lighting? I have been looking into mushrooms, zoa’s and leathers mainly but any others?



    Having kept softies for years, I do fret about low lighting levels. Yes, there are corals you can keep – cabbage corals & mushrooms, etc. However, my experience is that the more light the better, even for soft corals.

    If you can’t ditch the T5s and put some LEDs in there, then my advice would be to choose tubes of about 10,000K color temp, and replace them religiously – preferably every six months, but certainly keep them no longer than than 9 months.

    You don’t say how deep your tank is; if possible, keep the corals as near to the top as possible.

    I can’t help but think that, in the long run, you’d spend less by buying something like the Arcadia Classica Stretch Marine LED Lighting. They work out cheaper in the long run than T5s, and you can cram in quite strong lighting without too much heat being generated. In addition, your corals are more likely to thrive and propagate, leading to less being spent on buying them. Not what you may want to hear, but it is the result of decades keeping softies with different kinds of lighting!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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