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    Hi Guys/Gals,

    Thought I better start my tank thread early as seeing how useful some of the builds on here have been, it makes alot of sense to me to keep notes. Seen as I have just bought a second hand Signature 900 from the classifieds it makes even more sense.

    A little background:
    I have been keeping fish(mainly tropical) for the past 25 years or so.
    I have learned alot over the years but never really took the plunge into marines until 2 years ago.
    In the past I have kept a moray eel and believe it or not an octopus lol but never really took things seriously until I bought an Aquaone 120 around 24 months back.
    I have really enjoyed keeping this tank and convincing my better half that this hobby is the way forward for us both ha ha ( She looks after it for me when I’m away working) but I need a new challenge…
    I have managed to keep this tank quite simple on how I have been running things ie good lighting,skimmer, live rock etc so thought I might be able to do this again but in a slightly larger tank πŸ™‚ surprising on how quickly tanks fill up.
    My future plan was to buy a RS 350 next summer as we are currently buying the house we live in but when I happened to see this Sig 900 forsale, I thought I would go for it as would be easier to handle incase we had to move again in the future.

    So equipment up to now:
    Radion Gen3 pro x1
    Coral box D300 skimmer
    Aqua medic multi reactor small (phos)
    2x 150watt heaters
    Stc 1000 temperature control
    Smart ATO micro (love this)
    Vortech mp10 w x1
    Jebao wm-25 x1
    Plus I have a couple of smaller pumps.

    To buy:
    Return pump,not sure yet but suggestions appreciated???
    Another circulation pump
    Kamoer Dossing pump as manually dosing ATM πŸ™

    Live stock will be moved across from my 120 (mix) I may sell some stuff as moving forward I want to concentrate on lps/SPS.
    I have some macro Algae too which i purchased from Esox on here and I love it so will be definitely staying too πŸ˜‰ also around 25kilo of Live rock which will move over also. I’m also
    Running a refugium in the 120 ATM with
    Chaeto/ Caulerpa in and tank has been so stable this last year so will stay with this system going forward.

    Ok will update as I go but may be a slow build with Christmas etc




    A fairly resent front tank shot from my 120:
    As you can see I haven’t clean the coralline algae for awhile lol


    Looking forward to see this mate, awesome tanks. Have a look at the maxspect turbine duo crazy little pump mate


    So I bought my Sig 900 from the classifieds off of Andy1982 and I’m more than happy with the deal I got it for :)so thanks bud πŸ˜‰
    But my missus has thrown a spanner in the works by insisting it needs to be white and not black grrrrr. So after having a chat with a member on here (Crookesy) (thanks bud),who offered to spray it for me :thumbup: I had to make a decision on whether it was worth me traveling to Sheffield or find someone nearer to home :ponder:so I thanked Crookesy for the kind offer and decided on it made more sense for me to drop it off with a company closer to home as then i could just leave it with them and not worry about two long journeys to drop off and to pick up:peace:.
    So today I have dropped the cabinet off and hopefully it will be wrapped this week or next week (Christmas allowing )
    Can’t wait…


    Thanks for tagging along bud and will definitely take a look :thumbsup:



    You got one of these tanks bud?


    A bit, about 280Β£ it will probably be to strong for the 900 but it is a serious pump for a sps tank, I’ve seen it in my local LFS on a 8’x4’ frag tank and it is probably the best out der at the moment with the controller there’s no need for a wavemaker to as it will produce pulse and some other crazy stuff


    I think she will castrate me if I bought that ATM πŸ˜₯ lol
    I still have my eheim pump on my 120 but that won’t do even for a short time I wouldn’t think πŸ™

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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