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    So having shutting down my clearseal 6x2x2 in August 2016 due to the prospect of a house move and having a loss of interest, I realised how bad the t.v. is and we never got allocated a house I purchased an EA pro reef 1200 with black gloss cabinet in December.

    Well it was a tough choice between this and a Red Sea Reefer 425XL in black. It was the other half’s preference of a gloss cabinet that finally made up my mind.

    I kept all of the equipment from my last tank apart from the skimmer and return pump so along with my new tank these bits of equipment were purchased. I got a good deal on a Skimz SM201 skimmer when I bought my tank and also got a TMC V2 4000lph return pump.
    Other equipment I have is 4 x AI Sols in white that are cieling mounted, deltec FR509 reactor fed with and eheim 600 pump, kamoer 3 channel doser, reefloat ATU, 2 x aquamedic 300 watt titanium heaters wired into an STC 1000.

    In the display tank for flow there is 2 x 6105 tunze streams connected to a 7096 controller.
    I’ve swapped the 6105’s for 2 x 6095 controllable nanostreams.


    Hi Scott, good to see you back, was chatting to Stewart (@stibbergribber) yesterday and your name came up. Those Photobucket links show up just as links on Tapatalk on the phone. How long has it been running? I see you have quite a few corals in already, a wee euphylia garden over on the right? Whereabouts do you get your corals, I find it difficult, mainly because I’m not on Facebook I think. Look forward to this one looking as good or better than the six footer. Cheers, Mike.


    Hi alunc, im using a TMC triple 1.5 litre easy dose container just sat on top of the sump as opposed to the larger bulkier 5 litre 1’s i used to have, and my kamoer doser is sat on the kamoer shelf which is fixed to the inside back if the cabinet and works great for my dosing requirements. Its just a bit compact getting it all to fit in.


    I need to edit my 1st post Mike as i used the wrong Photobucket app to upload them.
    Tanks been wet since 1st week in December. The corals have mostly came from other reefers tank breakdowns. I got some free frags back from eddiedundee after giving him a great deal on the last of my corals from my last tank.
    The euphylia garden was the plan from the start, still to add more to it .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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