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    I am on the lookout for new fish at the moment.The only fish i have at present is a Powder Blue Tang.I am thinking of getting some fish that will school,anybody done this or have any recommendations.Thinking of 4 or 5 fish,100g tank.



    Martin, i would love to do this – in fact i’m gonna in my new tank. i was thinking about 5-6 pink anthias(wreckfish) i know they can be tough ot keep, but they look real cool


    Anthius would be nice but it depends on the size of your tank. If the tank is quite large this would be great. They tend to like to swim full length of a large tank. If the tank is not that big maybee you would be better just to get 5-6 Damsels there are all kinds of types and colours and they are very hardy they are cheap


    I have found through experience if you introduce damsels after all the rest of your fish ie last stock they are not agressive but the downside is it can be hard to introduce things afterwards ie put something in their territory.
    I have kept damsels and never had any trouble with aggression not as nice as anthius but cheaper and just as colourful.


    I am thinking along the same lines as Doh,i have had damsels before and have experienced some pretty nasty aggression from them.My Powder blue is quite aggressive,swinging its tail round to attack its reflection quite often.I was thinking along the lines of maybe Chromis or even Firefish(i heard these can live in schools).Anthias would be nice but 4-6 in a 100g may be overdoing it.


    I never thought of chromis, similar to damsels but not aggresive. Good choice. Fire fish would be nice also, you can get purple firefish as well which are nice.

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