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    Having kept marine tanks for longer than I care to remember (clue undergravel filters?Graham Cox). Decide on new tank build to make life easier:D

    So 1st thing build an extension.
    Then after long chats with Palvo, Andy J, et al time to order new tank 1200mm x 900mm x 610mm. With 3 smaller tanks 1) the sump 2) water change tank 3) top tank – so off to a tank builder in Hertford.

    Meanwhile previous tank ticks along in the old dining room


    A build thread at last , About bloody time :whistling:

    He’s not called super Pav for nothing , he’s def the man :worship::worship::worship:

    come on keep the pic’s coming 😀


    Looks like your off to a great start good luck with the build


    How come we wait years for pictures and then on your birthday (when there is beer and wine to drink in abundance) you start a thread?

    I didn’t realise Pav had a new apprentice 🙂


    Running in parallel to this I had built the 1st tower using acrylic rods and super glue, been to Weston Marine and ordered a KR92 and fitted out the sump.

    I had been storing some old water change water, made up some new added to new tank brought up to temperature and then pumped water from the old tank to new. At the same time transfering stock. When the water level was low enough caught the fish and in they went. Some pieces of surplus rock from the old tank were discarded on the kitchen floor for later assessment.

    So 20mins later or so quick headcount of fish and a missing orchid dottyback :(frantic look in the old tank – no sign. On my way back to the new tank knock the discarded rock and out lands the fish – quickly scoop her up and into new tank. And apparently none the worse for the experience :dance:

    Rigged up the ATI clad tank in cling film and corner protectors and now waited for the new kitchen.


    So its super Pav time again and the side panels and doors are on. Some slight confusion ( over my head) about hinges. Which after phone call to Nick, Pavlo does a wonderful improvised fix :worship: so we can see the cabinet in all its glory. On his way back from Braintree Nick pops in congrats Palvo on his work and changes a couple og hinge plates I believe


    looking good :thumbsup:

    i do hope you’ve tidied up all that pipe work its playing havoc with my OCD just looking at it :whistling:


    I’m liking that a lot, really slick finish. Fits in really well with the rest of the room.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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