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    I have been on Ultimate Reef for ages but have never started a tank thread…so it’s about time that changed.

    I lost a bit of interest in my tank after I split with my ex and whilst I wasn’t living at home I lost some stock and started to get algae issues due to my sporadic ability to do tank maintenance. I have now moved and got my tank back so I’m beginning to get the drive to improve it again. My first task is to do a re-scape so I have been and bought some branching real reef rock that I have wanted for months…and now have the unenviable task of trying to put it together in an interesting shape that also won’t fall to pieces constantly when adding frags.

    My plan is to stock the tank with mainly softies and LPS (love ricordeas and acans for the colour they bring) and keep it fairly simple, and if I get a bit of space on the sand bed (that reminds me, I need to add sand too) then a scolly or two wouldn’t go amiss! In terms of fish, I currently have a bangaii cardinal (would like to have a pair ideally), an algae blenny and a royal gramma…I tend to go for cheap and cheerful!

    Other plans include the possibility of having a carpet nem with a pair of clowns in a corner of the tank, although at about 150 litres I know it may grow big and need to be moved on, I guess a lot will depend on the scape and how much sand bed I have (I’m hoping to basically have one main island with the branching rock). If all goes well then I may upgrade to a slightly bigger and longer tank with a sump (its currently a custom made all in one from Ocean Displays) as I have plenty of space where it is.

    Thanks for reading and I’ll look to add some pics later of the state it’s in now and the branching rock I have to somehow piece together in an acceptable shape!


    Subscribed!!!! :thumbsup:

    I’d love a carpet nem. I saw a vid of a beautiful pink/red one not that long ago but it probably cost a fortune! My clowns would probably avoid that at all costs as well, like they avoid my BTA :annoyed:

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses mate.


    Thanks gents! Yes…I’ll try and figure out how to add photo’s later after work! It’s a bit of a mess of a tank at the moment, but I’m hoping a bit of TLC and the new rock will get it back on track! And then the coral buying can truly commence!


    You’ve read my mind Si, I saw a nice green one in the display tank at Cascade but I’ve always wanted one of the pinky ones….and if it does grow too big I guess that’s my reason/self justification to upgrade right there!


    Love the photo of your BTA! That carpet nem in cascade was great, was in that tank for years. Would fill up half my sand bed! Got some frilly mushrooms I need to move on, if you’re interested your very welcome to have them. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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