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    Quite an emotive subject- not doing quarantine is likened to playing Russian roulette with your stock by the advocates, however people with quarantine systems seem to be the exception rather than the rule, why?

    Do members think we should be quarantining all our stock, corals, inverts and fish or is it acceptable to just do fish.

    For those members who don’t do it, why don’t you do it, is it lack of space, someone else already does it for you or do you think ‘it won’t happen to me’

    For those members who do quarantine, what do you quarantine, what is your regime, how do you maintain bio-security, what do you do if you buy another fish/coral while the quarantine system is occupied. And perhaps what are the specifications of your system, how do you maintain the parameters in the system.

    Discuss away


    I would have thought that space would be the biggest issue for most, personally I didn’t on this tank but it was setup fresh so nothing else In there to infect so to speak, as for the future everything will be in quarantine (still collecting a few 2nd hand bits) including coral just in case because pulling your main tank around is always annoying.

    So far the coral bases are the culprits for me for odd additions so all new corals will be severed, re mounted and dipped.


    I would like to get the ball rolling on this. On my last tank I quarantined nothing and never suffered any fish diseases. But I’m not stupid enough to think I was anything other than plain lucky. My reasons for not quarantining was the space and hassle of setting up another tank (testing SWMBO’s patience yet further) and if I’m really honest lack of patience to wait 8 weeks before getting a new acquisition into the DT.

    While I’m tankless now, I’m planning my next setup for when I return to the UK. I no longer have any of the above excuses for not quarantining, but my fear is the how to minimise the fishes’ stress (and therefore risk!) in the process. “A bare-bottom tank, a bit of pipe to hide in, and some bacterially-seeded filter sponge in an internal filter” is the usual advice, inevitably in a much smaller tank than the final destination. I’d like to see how a trio of yellow tangs (simultaneously since they should be introduced together!!) enjoy 2 months of this.

    So, I would love to see this tread used partly to showcase great QT setups!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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