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    had a Powder Brown Tang and a Suntail Goby in QT for a couple of weeks since getting them from LFS.

    Started a 21 day dose of Avloclor yesterday and this morning both fish look like they have come out in WS. The Goby in particular looks worse. His tail has also been nipped at which I can only assume is by the Tang. Tang is still eating like a pig and the goby isn’t eating at the moment and looks pretty bad.

    my question is after the 21 day period will all the WS life cycle forms be killed and after another couple of weeks the fish will be ok to go in the display tank if showing no signs of WS or do they need to stay in QT?

    thanks in advance.


    In theory yes, but personally I would hold off another 6-8weeks in a case of actual WS…it would be a great shame to waste the hard work you’ve done up this point. Well done for catching it in QT!

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    Update. Lost the goby a couple of days after the first post. Tang spots cleared up but have now reappeared over last couple of days. Tang is still eating like a pig and as active as ever and nice and fat.

    do I just carry on leaving him for the 21 days or should I add some more Avloclor? QT was dosed a week and half ago with 6 crushed tablets in the 90ltrs of water.

    any advice appreciated.



    Ok, that definitely looks like a parasite, not “stress spots”.
    1) Do a FW dip – assuming you have RO, this is something you can do pretty much starightaway. If you can do it in a cleanish vessel (Ie not a mucky marine bucket), you should be able to see if parasites drop off in quantity. If they do, then it’s not WS. If you have it, add Myzaxin which will help with bacterial and wounds issues.
    2) How did you do the CP treatment before? 1 dose or 4? If one dose, I would retreat with 4 doses at 5 day intervals.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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