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    Hi has any one heard of polyp lab medic,treatment for white spot in reef systems there’s an article in practical fish keeping its made by reef-Eden.


    Have the magazine on my knee and Googled the very same thing. Never even heard of it before, nor was I aware of hydrogen peroxide for treating parasites.


    Hi sorry for late reply just drove 25 miles to leicester to get some. From dream reef, John has used it with great results I put two tangs in tank last Saturday they were covered on Monday with white spot so will try first dose tonight it says 10 pm then next before 10 in the morning


    Good to know. My regal tang baby came down with whitespot last week. I don’t have a QT. I’ve since purchased Selcon and garlic essential oil, I’ve used both to treat their food and upped the amount of feeding in a day. Within 5 days all spots have gone and the fish looks normal and healthy. So it is possible to suppress it even when the fish is quite far gone, but if this stuff actually manages to kill it then it would be a revelation in the hobby.

    The fact that it isn’t already being shouted about from the rooftops though, makes me more than a wee bit dubious.


    Hi I am on day 4 of 10 and it looks amazing how all spots have gon of both tangs,SPS LPS soft corals shrimps snails all open and normal ,all other fish normal looks like a great product.


    I think defo cure, day five and not a sign of any spots or marks on pectoral or tail and none on body of fish. Considering purple tang was covered in white spot and never away from cleaner shrimps , sailfin tang and all other fish perfect .i would not think twice about using it again.


    Hi just finished 10 day treatment never lost any fish even 3 baby. Chromis survived, I would not hesitate to use again if it reappeared I would advise any one to get some in advance a bottle does 550 gallen so if you have a 100 gallon you have 5 full courses for £30 all corals, shrimps SPS LPS soft corals not affected.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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