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    Hi Guys

    Does anyone have a solution to get rid of these brown daisy polyps?

    I heard a specific type of urchin may but i am limited to what i can try as i have other corals that i don’t want eaten.

    Any help appreciated


    Seems I am not the only one having this stuff in my tank. There was a small bit on a coral I bought a while back and since then it has taken over my tank. It actually doesn’t look that bad, but it is strangling all my other corals. The only way I can think to get rid of it is to remove all rocks but that is a crazy solution. I also started pealing them off with tweezers, but they are slimy, hard to get hold off and whatever you do they just come back. Some of my snails are also dying because of hunger, since there are no rock to feed on with this stuff covering all rocks. I have a suspension they also poison the water when you fiddle with them, as some of my corals dont look that well every-time I remove some with tweezers.


    This is not an easy problem to deal with it. It has several variants and most people disagree on what it actually is, whether it’s a soft coral or a hydrozoan. They can take over a tank pretty quickly.

    When I had this in my tank, I have to regularly take the rocks out and scrub them as well as painstakingly take the tweezers to the ones in coral crevices. It will be hard to eliminate them completely as once they hitchhike into the tank, they’re near impossible to get rid of.

    For some people they disappear mysteriously by themselves, especially in high light and flow, low nutrient SPS tanks. But for most people, it’s a case of regularly controlling it’s growth to keep it’s population low.


    Ive got some appeared from nowhere and theyre doing some real damage to a chalice im planning on removing the rock on saturday and pulling them off the rock somehow really dont want to loose the challice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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