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    Hi All
    Thought it was time i posted pics of my tank, allthough at the moment Aptasia have come for xmas!
    Well my little settup (one of a number) is:-
    Tank: 3x2x2
    Sump; 30″x18″x18″
    Display refugium 24″x18″x15″
    Filtration: Tank bare bottom with glass shelf frame work, allowing circulation around 100kg live rock. the sump holds a floating DSB holding 4 species of caulerpa. A race way runs underneath (a tank within a tank) The DSB is fed from the skimmer chamber by a fluidised sand filter and half the skimmer out flow to control and reduce the flow over the DSB, the rest of the flow runs under the DSB and is split between a return back to the main tank and the display refugium. The display refugium also holds a DSB and a number of species of caulerpa and macro algae. This feeds back to the main tank.
    Turbo floter multi: adapted and shoe horned into the sump.
    Lighting; Both sump and refugium are illuminated 24/7 by 2 twin t5’S. The main tank is illuminated by 2 T8 actinics and 4 T5 ‘s (All varying spectrums of white).
    Auto top up with kalwasser
    Eco aquilizer
    5-10% water change a week.
    Feeding lots of phyto (between 2-4 litres a week) Phyto Aqua’s (good stuff). approx 1,000,000 rotifers a week. A frozen mixed cube over a day with lance fish and prawns for the anemone.


    Nice piccys Nick can we expect a full tank shot next. But do you really change 50% of the water a week


    Ooops sorry, Thanks Haydn. Yeah full tank pics soon but what with it being such a lil ole tank, thought best to be a bit more specimen specific.


    Sounds gooood, pretty much what I’m hoping to go for when we’ve bought a place next year

    Gieseman are bringing out their own 4 tube T5 system with a slot to mount your LED’s in, it’s called the Stellar. Not sure how much it will be, probably lots


    Wow, your tank’s looking good – those little frags on the last picture look as if they’re going well – does it take a lot of skill to frag things so successfully?

    – oh, and cute tangs


    Nah! fragging is easy Flameangel just need to be brave with a pair of pliers.
    An easy skill to pick up

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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