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    Thread for all things Apex. Questions queries and qualms, post here.


    I changed the temperature setting to be displayed in centigrade, but when changing the temperature set points they are still in displayed in fahrenheit.
    Does anyone else have this?

    I’m sure this could cause some confusion when making custom profiles related to temperature.


    I’ve had a similar issue. I think they just revert back and then you just need to change it back to centigrade.


    Could someone help me please, I’m pulling my hair out here something I cant really afford to do!!

    Received my Apex today, cheers Nick, and I have been trying to get it on my network tonight.

    My problem is when I try to enter the browser utility, I get to the password screen, enter my details and all I get then is a blank screen. Thinking I had set it up wrong I have been trying all night but with no luck on the browser.

    Shear frusration I picked up my tablet for a game of snooker and tried the Apex app, and low and behold I can operate the Apex from it and see graphs etc, I can also Telnet into Apex using the DOS commands, so it’s obviously speaking to my network.

    So am I missing the obvious regarding the browser utility, I have tried 3 different

    Thanks for any help/guidance


    Dashboard would be a better term to describe the utility indeed, I think all my IP settings are correct as I am seeing the unit on my phone and tablet and likewise I can Telnet into the unit from my PC the browser also tabs it as an aquacontroller once I log in, so I am pretty sure the network side is now OK.

    Been reading across on RC and it appears to be a fairly common issue and I require to update my web pages using the utility on the supplied CD, unfortunately I get a disconnect error when I try this but will have a more serious attempt when I get home from work later today.


    I would encourage all of you to use the Neptune Systems resources. First of all, the Apex Comprehensive Reference Guide ( is great piece of easy-to-read documentation that tells you just about anything you want to know about using your Apex. Second, you really should all visit the Neptune Systems Community Forum , register as a user, and utilize this awesome community site.


    Wow, that manual is pretty good actually. Learned a few things from it.


    Something I`ve been toying with the idea of since I got the apex is Seasonal temperatures.

    You can make the apex set your tank temperature to seasonal averages (im not sure which seas theyve sampled for this data). From what I can see, it`s coldest around now, with 1st of Feb being 23.8 degrees, whilst the 1st aug is 26.9.

    This for me sounds about right, in fact it would work better with my central heating too, being colder at this time of year, my tank heater spends more time on. Whereas in Aug, it wont be too hard to maintain 26.9 degrees.

    Does anybody already follow this?
    Does anybody know if there`s any benefit to the corals (LPS, SPS) by following this?

    I also have a vertex illumina and I do use the lunar moon settings on there, I would like to replicated nature as much as I`m able to.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Just for info, you can also set your alarms/chiller to trigger using maths, say seasonal temperature + 1 degree for the chiller to come, or +2 degrees for the alarm to turn on etc.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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