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    Hi everyone, :wave: my name is charlie and i am 14 years old. I have been in this hobby for 4 years salty and most of my life freshwater. I work every Saturday (and any other days i can get down there :laugh:) at Southwest Marines; that’s where most of you will probably know me from! I started 4 years ago with a little 130l nano and have had that running all this time with various different pico aquariums. And finally now my parents have caved in to letting me have a larger tank:D The tank in question is a Auqareef 400. My aim for this thread is to try and keep it updated as much as possible and try and help anyone who has any problem with this tank.:dance:

    My Set-up
    Well, as i stated earlier the tank is an Aquareef 400 and i am using all of the stock equipment off of that at the moment.
    -50”x20”x24” Aquareef 400
    -4xT5 HO unit
    -G220 Skimmer
    -Moray Return Pump
    -Jebao wp25
    -Unknown Large Power-head (Soon to replace with Jebao)
    -2x 300 watt heaters
    -v2 Auto Top off
    -30kg Live Rock
    -20 kg Live sand

    My Current Stock
    This is what is left of my stock after the transfer from the old tank but i lost a whole bunch of zoas and sps during the transfer 🙁
    10-15 zoa frags, some rare, some not
    30-40 head duncan coral ( currently in bad state but recovering from evil anglefish:mad:)
    5 head frogspawn
    2 head blastomussa
    2 head candycane
    Neon Orange Fungia
    Couple of Mushrooms
    Medium leather mushroom

    2 Ocellaris Clownfish
    2 Blue/Green Chromis
    Tomini Tang
    Regal Tang (Not from old tank!!)
    Snowflake Eel

    Well this is all there is to say i think, all comments are appreciated, good or bad.:D
    If you ever want to chat face to face just drop me a pm or come in to SWM on a saturday. Now i’ll leave you guys with a fts of the tank currently and a couple of shots of the sump. Will upload more pics when im back from school.:thumbsup:

    Hope everyone will read and enjoy the journey of this thread with me


    Okay, so all of my zoas are finally open so decided to put a list of my current species!:D
    Would love for you guys to name any zoas that you think would look nice or that you just really like:dance:
    So far I’ve got (after losing loads on the transfer) :
    Purple Death
    Red People Eaters
    Captain America
    Pink Zippers
    Kona Gold
    Candy apple Pinks
    Rainmakers (i think)
    Darth Mauls
    Desert Storms
    And others i do not know the names of :laugh:

    I’ll be at work tomorrow so bound to bring home some zoas or lps :rolleyes:

    Also a pic of my fungia as it finally starts to open back out again :dance:

    Ignore the diatoms! The tanks only 3 weeks old!
    And a picture of me messing about with the cheap macro i bought:

    Thats all for today! More to come tomorrow :p


    Thanks kendadog,
    Picked those clove polyps up really cheap and they are still one of my favorite corals 🙂


    Thanks mate, the tank so far has been great to run. Just hoping i dont encounter any problems 😉


    Love the tank 😀 Very similar to my setup!
    I don’t know as I’m not that experienced with corals etc, but that unknown purple/green one? I swear its called a joker zoa? Have no idea! just a guess :p
    also is the Tomini Tang hard to keep? Such a nice fish!!! 😀

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