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    Hi all….. here is where you’ll find updates about my tank.
    Some of you may be aware of the issues I’ve already had while setting this up.
    I’ve got it up and running and found the Skimmer very noisy so I’m yet to upgrade it….. it’s likely to be a Tunze of some kind.
    Also the heater packed up and I’ve had to replace the original Red Sea one with a 200w SERA.
    Currently I’ve just got sand in there…… I was toying with the idea of have “bare bottom”….. I kind of wish I had gone with that now as there is a little too much sand in there for my liking 10kg.
    Rock will be added soon as it looks quite boring without. Here are a couple of pics…… just after adding the water and then around 18 hours later. Yes…. the glass inside does need cleaning.


    Hi I have the same tank but removed the lid and use a Mars aqua 165 watt hanging over it. I am using a bubble magus e5 hangon skimmer at the moment but I am going to change this as the skimmer leaked due to crack in the body . So I am going to cut the back so I can fit a hangon at the back eventually


    The guy who had it before me fitted LED lights in the hood…… I’d rather not have the lid and have some Radion’s there. Eventually I think I’ll hsve a sump in the cabinet……. not in the near future though.


    So…… I had my water tested and it all seemed good.

    So I decided (actually the wife did) to get some fish….. originally it was going to be just 2. But we ended up with a Domino, a humbug and a yellow tail…..
    Got them in the tank…. they all huddled in the bottom corner for a couple hours then were swimming all over the place. I fed them that evening… all seemed fine. (You can tell this isn’t going to end well right? CORRECT)

    I was up at 3am for work so I thought I’d check how they were…. half expecting them all to be dead.
    So I’m shining my phone torch in the tank to see where they are… all I can see is the yellow tail, no sign at all of the other two. The Domino isn’t that easy to see anyway as the tank has a black background.
    The only place they can be is through the hole where the second return pump should be, seems ridiculous as the hole is about 10-15mm MAX! So I put my set my phone to record with the light on…. low and behold I can see the humbug in with the return pump. No sign of domino…. I guessed he must be in there. I didn’t have time to tend to them, plus I didn’t want to make too much noise at that time so I left them until I returned home from work praying all day that they would be ok.
    So I got home and started dismantling the lid and bits and bobs to rescue them…. I thought it would be as straightforward as lifting the bag of ceramic bio beads out and they’d be resting on it. Well that was the biggest mistake ever as the bag didn’t come out easily!
    Eventually got the bag out, I then realised I’d made it worse as they can now get under the baffle and into the heater chamber (which was off). Luckily I could see the humbug and I managed to catch him and put him back. Unfortunately the domino was found at the bottom of the return chamber dead. I think I squashed him with the bag of ceramic! ☹️

    So I’ve now covered the ridiculous hole up with a heater bracket!

    Tune in soon for more dramas of an amateur marine fish keeper!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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