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    Tank and Equipment:

    Kent Marine Bio Reef 94 Litre
    1200lph Return Pump (Compartment 4)
    Interpet Heater (Compartment 1)
    Vortech MP10 Powerhead
    Kent Marine Nano Skimmer (Compartment 3)


    2 Reef White Aquaray 600 (2 Blue and 3 White LEDs on each)
    1 Fiji Blue Aquaray 600 (5 Blue LEDs)
    Aquaray Multi 8-Way Controller – Set for the Reef Whites to come on at 8AM ramping up to maximum over 4 hours to 12PM (sunrise), Fiji Blues come on at 10AM and ramp up to maximum over 2 hours to 12PM. Reef Whites start to ramp down at 4PM and go off at 8PM (sunset). Fiji Blues start to ramp down at 8PM and go off at 10PM.


    10KG of Fiji Premium Live Rock
    20lbs of Caribsea Aragalive Bahama Sand
    Filter Floss (Compartment 2)
    Purigen (Compartment 2)
    Chemipure Elite (Compartment 2)
    Rowaphos (Compartment 2)
    1KG of Live Rock Rubble in a net bag (Compartment 3)

    Constant Tank Parameters

    Temperature : 26 Celsius
    Salinity : 1.025

    Live Stock

    What I hope is a baby stomatella snail

    Original Starting Post


    I’ve browsed around this forum for over a year now, with a few posts here and there so I thought I’d start a thread for my new reef tank I got today.

    I’ve had fish tanks for a few years now, but those were just freshwater. Around this time last year I started my first reef tank. It was a very small nano, around 30 litres and it was basically a massive experiment (i hate to call it that when it concerns living things) but after a few months it was flourishing and starting to look real nice. Then, some of you may have read my thread about it a few months back, I went on holiday for two weeks and left the tank with my dad. I won’t go into details, but basically the tank came to a very sudden end.

    So now I haven’t had a tank in about 4 months now, but I’ve been itching to start a new one. I was going to buy a Red Sea max 130d but the price put me off. Instead I’ve got with a kent marine bio reef (94l) and I’m really impressed with it…. My early Christmas present to myself!! Haha.

    It arrived today and as I’m aware it’s very similar to the river reef but with a black back rather than blue.

    I’ve ripped out the ceramic rings and bioballs. The sponge filter and filter floss is still in there but I’m going to remove the sponge at a later date (I want to use it as a mechanical filter to remove the cloudy sand from the water when I add the sand). I don’t want anything in there that’s going to act as a nitrate factory, just the filter floss which I’ll replace daily.

    I’ve not put in the carbon that can with the tank, instead I’ve put purigen in. I’m going to couple this with chemi pure elite and some rowaphos as this combination worked well for me in my old nano.

    I’ve filled the tank up half way with RO DI water (took all day to produce 50 litres, this cold weather really slows down the old ro machine, still coming out at 0ppm though!!).

    I’ve added my salt directly to the tank and its currently mixing and coming up to temperature nicely. Obviously in future I won’t be adding salt directly to the tank, this is just for the initial setup.

    Once that is mixed and at 1.025/6 ill put my 20lbs of ‘live’ sand in which I have on stand by next to the tank.

    I also have 10kg of live rock on order for Tuesday, plus 1kg of rubble. Would it be a good idea to fill all the compartments in the back where I removed the bio balls and ceramic rings with this live rock rubble?? Or is it just going to capture too much detritus?

    Oh I’ve also upgraded the flow in the tank, I’ve i installed my mp10 on the left hand side of the tank. Once the water level gets up there ill turn it on and have it set on reef crest mode.

    Future plans:

    Introduce a clean up crew (once initial cycle is coming to an end)
    Fish: so far I know I definitely want a pair of percula clownfish plus a shrimp goby pair. Not sure how many more (if any) fish I could have in this tank.
    Coral: not going to have just one kind, gonna start the tank with a few soft corals and polyps then move up to some LPS like euphyllia (spelling?) and then a few easy SPS if I can support them.
    Light upgrade: just because I hate having to replace power compact lights every year. Gonna look at fitting some aquaray tiles and bars in the hood.

    Here’s a full tank shot of the tank half full, basically leak testing!! (You may have to turn your head to the side, no idea why the image have rotated when it uploaded, I’m posting this on my phone.)

    Ill keep you updated with more images, like when the sand storm begins!!!!


    Cheers, I hope to keep you all informed with my progress.

    My aim is to take it slow and steady (easy to say hard to do) and create something really special.

    Also forgot to mention the tank came with a nano slim skimmer. Never had a skimmer before so it’s going to be fun getting all that set up and tweaked.

    So my compartments will be as follows:

    Compartment 1: Heater set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Compartment 2: Filter floss, filter sponge (to be removed), purigen, chemipure elite and rowaphos.
    Compartment 3: Live rock rubble in a net bag (makes for easy cleaning) with the skimmer on top of this.
    Compartment 4 : Pump

    I’ve read that some people have issues with temperature fluctuations leaving the heater in compartment one and so move it in with the pump in compartment 4, ill are how this goes and I may have to do this also. It’s too early to say yet though.


    Sand added.

    As expected, absolute sandstorm. No matter how careful you are adding the sand, you are guarenteed to end up with such a mess.


    In the sand bag there was some kind of sachet of liquid that said it was a ‘magnet’ of some kind, i followed the instructions but i have my doubts that it’s actually done anything. It’s meant to clear the water up fast.

    No powerheads are on at the moment (turned them off after the salt finished mixing) so i’ll just give it a few days to settle. As long as it settles out a lot more by tuesday i’ll be happy, i don’t want my live rock to get convered in sand as it settles. That being said i’ll probably stir the sand up an awful lot aqua scaping the rocks.

    Tomorrow i’m going to hopefully make some more water up and top up to the ‘min’ line on the back wall so that i can actually get the pumps going and filter some of this sand out.

    Salinity running a tad high at 1.027 but i’ll bring this down when i add more water tomorrow.

    So thats it for day 1 of my new tank!


    I got the river reef equivilant a couple of months ago.

    I moved my heater to the last compartment for better heat distribution. If you do this then i’d advise a heater guard just to prevent any problems with the heater touching the return pump pipes. This way also allowed me to fill up the first compartment with live rock rubble/anaeorbic media. Also when adding rock make sure you move the sand out the way so the rock is on the bottom of the tank, so any digging shrimps wont cause a collapse!

    Good luck 🙂

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