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    Hi All,

    have been running my tank now for just over a month and thus far am pleased with the progress.

    I’ve stripped out the hood lights/electrics and installed aquamarine 600 lighting strips (2 X marine whites and a Fiji blue), have also installed cooling fans that are controlled by my inkpen temp controller (as well as controlling my heater).

    Temp is maintained at 25.7 Deg C +0.4 and minus 0.3 Deg C. Salinity at 1.026, Alk 9 and everything else where our should be


    Great looking tank

    so the tunze 9004 fits nicely in there then? How often do you have to empty the cup? Thinking of upgrading mine as sometimes I have to empty mine twice a day!

    Also so noticed that you have the writ gate positioned down whereas I have my gate pushed up if that makes sense?

    Whats your plans for fish?


    I empty the cup every 4 days or so and have now removed the weir gate completely.

    I have 4 fish…….2x clowns and 2x yellow gobies paired with a Tiger Pistol Shrimp. I may add some green/blue chromis but am in no rush to do so just yet.

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    Maybe I need to invest in a tunze then!

    so with no weir gate how do you manage to control the amount of water going thro the rear chambers? Does the skimmer not just get to much water now?


    Yes I believe you do need a Tunze they are a perfect match for this tank .

    Having modified my hood, there is now a lot of room at the back to raise my skimmer (will get a picture how much for you in a Mo). Also once the Tunze is run in it can actually sit lower down in the water.

    The smaller acan was from Reef Dreams in Winchester £29 and the great big one from Zoa Marines bought online for a similar price!

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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