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    So I was long due an upgrade, with my Signature 900 bursting at the seems with more coral than water it was pushed to the limit. As my tank lives in my office I was limited as to how big I could go, but I wanted something really nice quality. Along came the DD Pro Reef 1200, a good size with fantastic spec. this thing is really built well with a hidden weir which is great. The layout of the sump is brilliant, it’s just what I wanted.
    Exceptional service from AAC with both delivery and set up.

    i was on a really tight schedule with getting this up and running as I had no room for 2 tanks to run alongside each other. I called upon the Coral gods for help and they sent me a ‘jaffa eating bald bloke’ aka Paul from AAC who has been my go to retailer for some time. 40kg of reel reef rock and half a ton of cement later we had a scape! Top job by Paul and Matt from AAC, very professional. The next day it was filled, I will never forget the look on Paul’s face (or the swear words that seemed to just keep coming) when he noticed water in the RO reservoir (I had half filled it the night before), the look of horror on his face as he thought the sump was leaking

    I cycled with gallons of Dr Tims, 2 cups of sand from my old tank and a lump of live rock in the sump. This tank is 4 weeks old as of today. Moving everything over was painstaking, everything dipped and scrubbed, bases removed with the idea of taking nothing unwanted with me. So far so good, it’s early days so I wanted to get this thread started with the intention of keeping it updated!

    Set up wise really simple, calcium reactor to maintain calcium and KH. I want to keep nutrients low, at the moment Phoshate is a bit low at 0.015 and nitrates are at 5

    The system

    Reef Pro 1200 in Anthracite
    3 x Hydra 26 HD’s (I modified the weir comb to allow for the middle bracket)
    2 prime hd as fill lights
    Jacod 4000 return
    Ultra Reef UKS160 (Was set up with a Deltec 1456)
    Simply aquaria temp controller with 2 Sheigo 300w heater
    DD FR75 Phos reactor
    Kamoer x4 doser
    2 tunze nano controllables for surface movement
    Gyre 250
    dd 20w uv

    Nutrient control
    1 lire seachem matrix
    TM Bacto-balance
    TM Reef actif

    Fish list

    Dusky wrasse
    Yellow tail
    Peacock wrasse
    Koi fairy
    Watanabai angel x2
    Blue eye bristle tooth tang
    Orchid dotty back
    Midas Blennie
    Fat head anthia x 1
    Sunspot goby
    melanurus wrasse
    Blue spot tamarin wrasse
    Royal pencil wrasse

    A few pics 4 weeks in, again early days, SPS are just starting to get some colour back. Will do some coral pics this week!


    Nice I’ve just started a Sig 900 which I’m having never ending diatoms at the moment.

    i had a macoskers but it jumped so much that eventually I missed it one day and it died. Amazing colours.


    I’ve got one on order, managed to get a good deal from CH aquatics. Watching with interest

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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