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    After failing to keep up to date with my previous tank thread, I’ll try and follow this one through a bit more


    So, a few details of how it came to be that I’d let my daughter/activley encourage her to draw all over the kitchen wall –

    I’ve been a reef addict for around 3 years now, having had a fairly short lived attempt at it 10 years ago. In that 3 years I think I’ve gone through 5 tanks ranging from Aquanano 40, Reefer 250 to my current ND Aquatics. Early last year I got this tank to a standars that I was (reasonably) happy with… had some lovely sps, lps and softies as well as some nice healthy fish including a stunning regal angel.

    Just when everything was ticking along nicely, we decided to start tearing the house apart, building an extension and decorating!! This meant the tank was closed down for a while and what stock I could keep hold of was transferred into Reefer 170 that could be kept away from all the renovations/chaos. I consoled myself by ordering a new tank to go into the new extension when it was finished… a 48″x30″x24″ (l,w,h) with a steel framed cabinet with matching front opening pelmet. After months of problems, delays and changes to the extension and the house… I found myself without a suitable spot for the tank go (or so my wife told me) 😡

    Extension Completed… almost!!!


    Anyway, it seemed as though I wasn’t going to be able to get the new tank going so I set up the 3x2x2 again but had to make do with it being tucked away in the study. The intention was to sell the new tank, but the more I looked at it sat there teasing me in the garage… the more I was determined to find a solution and NO WAY was I letting this tank go!!!

    With the current tank being banished to the study I have found that as it’s not in view a lot of the time, unfortunately I’ve neglected it more than I usually would. This has seen a battle with Bryopsis, which after trying every lotion, potion and magic spell known to man just decided to eventually b!*ger off and stop torturing me. This was only to be followed by a plague of hair algae that has now created a lovely thick, luxurious shag-pile on my rocks!!! 😡 I’ve kind of given in to this at the minute as it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse and is not having adverse effects on the livestock I have. Plus, my focus is really on getting the new tank going as soon a possible!

    After umm-ing and err-ing for ages to find a place for the tank that would be agreeable to the Mrs, I/we decided that if we could extend the utility room out into the attached garage then I could have the tank in the wall between the kitchen and utilty room and create a fish-tility room???? :applause:


    Equipment list –

    30 L of Siporax as well as some of the marine pure blocks I’m currently using
    Bubble king 250 Supermarin skimmer (yes I know it’s oversized but I intend to stock quite heavily)
    Vertex 1.5 Lt Zeo Reactor (only running basic Zeo)
    Vectra L1 Return pump
    Kamoer X4 wi-fi doser, using ATI Elements
    2 x MP40 QD
    Lighting with Orphek Atlantik V3plus
    2 x Sochting Oxydator A

    I also have a DD UV 39w (i think), which I can’t decide whether to use or not.


    To bring this up to date, last night I started looking at ways to bring the display up to the required eye-level in the kitchen wall which is 51.5″ from floor to bottom of tank. The floor runs flush from the kitchen into the utility so there’s no messing around accounting for different levels. The stand, as it wasn’t initially designed for this, sits at 39″ tall. After almost starting on knocking up a timber platform for the stand to sit on, I spied the steel framed front opening pelmet that I got with the tank and wouldn’t now be using. A quick measure and as luck would have it, the steel frame had exactly the same footprint, same guage steel as the stand and was exectly 12″ tall :thumbsup: Once I add the extended marine ply base on top it will bring the display to (within a few mm) the correct height.

    So I set about removing the cladding from the stand and the pelmet and clamping them together. I stood it up and it seems surprisingly sturdy, although I think i may add some more bracing to the pelemt frame. I now just need to get some nuts and bolts today to securley fasten the 2 frames together.


    Arrgghhh…. the stand won’t fit!!! Can’t get it through the door and round into the utility. Looks like I’m gonna have to make a timber stand

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    Argh. No way. What a bugger. I thought the re-use of the steel stand was ace. Thankfully a timber stand is so easy to knock together, especially when its not on show. Such a shame though, as you will lose sump space.

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