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    Hi all,

    Strange one with my flame angel,

    About this time at night there seems to be quite a few white spots on him maybe 20 on head body and fins but in the morning nothing!

    Eating well and not flashing or flicking at all and seems to be active and well. No signs on any of the other fish either.

    Ive had him about 3 days now any advice would be great.

    Tank details, 200l FOWLR

    1 x black spot foxface
    2x clowns
    1x Silver belly wrasse
    1x Clown Goby
    1x Valentine Puffer
    1x Flame angel

    All fish have been in since about December and flame was added 3 days ago. Not sure if to just treat for white spot with it being FOWLR with maybe Seachem Cupramine? I also have so Avloclor ready, I believe this is the best best these days how would I go about dosing this?


    being FOWLR what do you run your salinity at?


    At the moment it’s running at 1.025 just so it was close to natural levels. Strange again this morning I can’t seem to see any spots again. Going to flick the lights on soon for a better look but he’s out swimming looking for food when I go over to the tank and grazing on the rocks.


    The appearance/disappearance of the spots is due to the lifecycle of the parasite. Those attached for the fish will drop off, settle on rock, substrate etc and encyst. Each cyst can release up to 250 more parasites looking for a host after 2-3 days.

    The cysts can survive for up to 10 weeks.

    I would start treating with either copper (if you have no inverts and don’t want to use the rock in anything else) or chloroquine. Have a search on here, lots of info on both.

    My flame angel went downhill pretty rapidly so I would make your decision and treat. Are any of the other fish showing signs? Keep a note of when the spots return.


    Thanks guys.

    No signs on any other fish at the moment. It’s just strange the spots seem to be none existent in the morning but there in the day. I thought it might be sand he’s picking up during the day while in and out of the rocks.

    Seems fine otherwise and there is no other symptoms such as flashing or clamped fins etc.

    Just checked again with the lights on and not a single spot on his body this morning, doesn’t it seem a bit quick for the life cycle of ich? Has been like this for laat two days now.

    I could pop out and get some cupramine but I do have some avloclor tablets ready incase I need them but don’t want to treat unnecessary.


    Keep an eye out, the cysts hatch out in the late at night/early hours of the morning so often fish will be fine the day before and riddled in the morning.

    It would be worth feeding with fortified flake to give the immune systems a boost also.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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