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    My new 90g tank is 1.5 months old and still suffering from diatom bloom and green algae. It never had a proper cycle as all live rock came from an established old tank.
    My problem is that soft corals (especially Xenia and GSP) that were growing like weed in the old tank now seem to be dying

    I suspect low nitrates to be the issue, but I’m open to other suggestions. In the old tank nitrates were around 2-10. In the new one they are pretty much undetectable with Salifert kit. Other parameters: KH:11, PH:8, Phosph:0.01, Ca:440.
    No dosing, top up with limewater. Running skimmer and refugium with some macroalgea.

    Maybe I should turn off skimmer and remove macro to try to increase Nitrates a bit? On the other hand I don’t want green algae to get our of control…


    Whats limewater ?
    I would do regular large water changes something is wrong ,what is your salinity reading ? I don’t use a skimmer so its not always needed .


    You could try dosing coral snow ,it feeds all corals including softies it also helps to remove organics reducing algae issues , I use 2 ml every day and have done for some time and I’m happy with the results .


    As its softies that are suffering you can forget Ca, probably nitrates too.

    Your Top off with Kalk / Limewater is most likely the problem, you’ll be causing KH swings that will upset your corals, just stop and use RO/DI water. Your KH is more than high enough anyway, so allow it to drift down to 8 and keep it stable at that level.

    Other issues could be lighting or flow, and longer term high phosphates, but for softies its not going to have a sudden impact like a KH swing.

    Low nitrates isn’t going to be your issue with a green algae growth – I doubt it would in any circumstances, but if you’ve got green algae you’ve got nitrates even if the test says zero.


    not used that one but if you are feeding them already that won’t be the problem ,I would go with Mark ,I keep my KH naturaly at 7.5 (no dosing) which is NSW levels and my softies and LPS thrive .
    Kessil 360 are really good lights I presume you are not bleaching the corals .


    What is the pH? Even with softies it’s worth keeping an eye on KH, Ca and Mg, since keeping them right will allow your pH to look after itself (with good oxygenation) and everything in the tank will thank you for that!


    Iv got all softie bar one and would put some of it down to flow over them plays a big part didn’t think my tank had that much flow but two much for the first LPS torch its taken me ages to find a spot for it not like toads and finger love loads

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