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    I recently decided to get back into the hobby after a 5yr break.
    So I decided that I only needed a smallish tank this time round so I looked around and decided on a reefer 170 delux.
    Quite chuffed that I had got a new tank, I started to buy the rest of the gear, treated my self to the Nyos skimmer a couple of tunze pumps etc. Then came along the Clarisea gen 2 which I of course needed.
    Then came the modding stage, some might have read this thread

    Done the electrics etc and stocked the tank.

    Next comes the point where I was trying to convince the wife that the tank was over cramped with corals and really needed to upgrade. Finally got the go ahead and off we went to look at a tank, was looking at a reefer 425, knew a shop with a display model, anyway cut a long story short I’m looking at the reefer and the missus is looking at the D-D 1200 pro and say I like this one. Next day the 1200 is sitting in the living room.


    Like a truly happy chappy instead of sitting back feeling chuffed that I now have another new tank I’m sat there working out what the first step is to get modding.
    I know Clarisea needs to go in, so out comes the knives and the cutting begins. A wee while later the sump is modded and now the Clarisea and my Nyos fit in the first chamber.


    Onto the next step, I hate electrics looking scruffy, so out comes the cable trunking and into the cupboard it goes. This is the first part of the electric install just concentrating on the sump side. The dry cupboard side will come a bit later.
    You might just be able to see I have also routed my dosing pipework and Ato pipe within the trunking also.


    Now over to the dry cupboard side. This is still a work in progress and will be finished as I decide what I’m doing.
    I am using the dj 8 way switches again on this build, these need to be modded to fit the cupboard width, 1 is done still got 1 to do hence temp existent ion lead. Power packs have been mounted to the back wall along with some trunking. The controllers have been temporarily mounted onto the sides, these will eventually be mounted to a panel in front of the shelf hiding the rest of the wiring.
    I don’t know if they changed the design of the cupboard but I read they had adjustable shelf. Mine didn’t so I moved the 4 pins that hold the shelf up down about 100mm so the shelf ended up below the cable entry from the sump side.
    I have also started to build an automated system using a plc to switch pumps etc off for feeding. Don’t know what route I will take with the automation but wouldn’t mind monitoring temp and ph aswel.


    Next I mounted the D-D slimline light mounts. I’m going with 3 hydra 26hd’s on this build as I don’t intend keeping many Sps as the wife likes the movement of Lps corals.
    Hit my first problem when it came to mounting the brackets that the weir comb was in the way. With the help of @Matt Heath providing me with photos and an explanation I reshaped the weir and then mounted the hydras. Matt also helped explain where his overflow ran as I originally set mine up to low.

    Next I filled the tank with new water and the extra live sand I would need. I made a temp filter using a basket filled with filter wool and a dc 2000 pump to help clear the tank. Left it running for a day then I started moving everything over from my 170.
    I had forgot how messy a process that was but a few hours later we were all in, in a fashion anyway.


    Over the next couple of evenings I played around and tidied things up, installed a Maxspect xf250, way to powerful for this tank, running a reversing flow pattern.
    Ended up having to lift my skimmer up to stop it over flowing. Installed my sump light temporarily as I will be swapping over to the 125watt cfl barn style that has been recommended to me.

    So at the moment I’m running a Clarisea 3000, a Nyos 120 skimmer, Maxspect xf250 for flow, a dc 4000 for return( again thanks to Matt for flow rate) and an Eheim heater. Also have a co2 scrubber fitted to the skimmer.

    This is basically where I’m at as of now.


    Thanks mate. Hope you’re well?


    Mainly Lps but maybe a few sps later, i like ssc and a couple of others.
    Nearly there with the weir but taking some adjusting to get it to trickle over.

    Not to sure about my scape, might need a little bit more.


    So they hunt pods? I have a refugium and there’s a good pod population in the tank.


    Great, how you finding the gyre? It will calm down once it gunks up a bit, I added another :naughty: :crazy:


    Really i cant cope with one at 10%+ and -10% without it blowing everywhere. Its about 3 inches below the surface and still sucks in a vortex.:eek:


    I have the worn in one at 20% and the new one at 10%. Will increase as they bed in more. But I have more rock and most SPS so will ultimately need more flow


    Great looking tank. A nice clean look to it.


    Time for an update, not a good one either.
    I went on holiday for a fortnight and came back to a major cyno outbreak. So out comes the siphon and several water changes and I’m slowly getting to grips with it.
    Takes a sample of water over for a test to find low Alk, high phos and nitrates.
    Gets home sets up the doser and starts dosing Alk and nopox. The nopox is great within a week I had halfed the phos and nitrates and my Alk had come back up to just over 6, was at 5.1 on the test.
    A lot of my lps were sulking, mainly my torches and a couple of acans, upon further inspection I noticed something on them, flatworms not the little red ones but white ones about 10mm long. Got out the Rx pro mixed it up and started dipping the torches and a couple of the acans. Must of removed a couple of hundred of the things. Was talking to my lfs and he recommended putting a wrasse in,so I bought a white bellied one to eat the worms, will wait and see if that works.
    And to add the cherry to the top of my problems I am covered in Aips for some reason, haven’t added any coral for ages, the only thing added was a piece of reef rock from a shop, starting to think this was previously used and then put up for sale. So again with the advise of my Lfs I’ve added 2 peppermint shrimps, but having a real good look around my tank I have a bigger Aip problem than first thought. So much so I’m thinking of ripping it apart now.

    But on a good note, must always end on a positive, I have managed to swap my Xf250 for a 230 on here with the help of @grey2864 thanks bud.


    Just a quick little update, I am slowly winning the battle with the cyano, not completely gone but nowhere near as bad. My Aip problem is a lot less after using Red Sea and I haven’t seen a flatworm for a week.
    I did strip out the sump and went back to an ALR that I bought on here so my sump is now cyno free and a lot cleaner.
    I have had to start dosing calc and mag now as my test are showing a little usage.
    Corals are still sulking and I have lost some. Not sure why this is though.
    I had to swap my xf250 back as the 230 wasn’t right.
    My readings as off yesterday
    Alk 7.5
    Ca 420
    Mg 1290
    Po4 0.03
    No3 2
    Heading in the right direction I hope.

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