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    I know this has probably been discussed loads of times but has anyone got any great ideas on how I can get rid of the Xenia which is taking over my tank 😡

    I am considering getting rid of all my LR and replacing it but this will be expensive and a pain as I have about 40 – 50kgs.

    I dont mind the look of it but it is now getting out of hand and restricting other coral growth,especially plating monti,as it is blocking out the light where its overgrowing.

    Did I read an ad somewhere in the past from someone who swaps infested LR for newly cured LR,and they then uncure and cure the infested LR again to sell on ?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


    The guy at my LFS reckoned that an absolutely spotless tank with no nitrates or phosphates would soon starve Xenia and eliminate it.

    Personally I reckon he’s talking rubbish. But you may want to give it a go, because in my experience a strip down and rebuild with new rock is the only thing that works, and even then any reintroduced coral is a risk.


    Get a clean pair of pliers, grip the Xenia near the base then roll the pliers to peel off the Xenia. Most of the time it will come off cleanly leaving nothing behind. A filefish may help too


    I’d second the file fish loves aips and xenia


    I can’t get it to grow in my tank at all…when I asked the coral farm that supplied it to me why it wasn’t growing just dyeing off it would seem my salinity was the main problem…I always kept it at 1.022 when I was fish only…seems xenia won’t thrive in less that 1.024 and prefers saltier around 1.026 so you could try lowering your salt level…


    I’ve heard of xenia crashes, which are believed to be some trace element shortage. I’m not sure which one it might be though! Of course it is risky a shortage of any trace might also harm other corals you want to keep too…

    I’m going through similar in another tank, and I could test these out possibly… stick all the xenia in one tank then not dose anything to it and see what happens.


    I’m going to try iodine with my next lot…I would be interested in the ops water params so I could try to get mine as close as possible for when I attempt xenia again…I am currently running fallow.. So I can tinker a bit before I get fish again…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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