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    Hi all,

    A couple of months ago I visitd the Blue Planet nr Ellesmere Port it was excellent, and even the other half enjoyed it.

    They have a very impressive main display where you go through a walkway so that it feels like you are in the water (well almost). They have a good variety of fish/ sharks(8ft?)/rays etc. my fave were the triggers and the porcupine puffers.

    I wondered if there any other decent aquarium/ visitor type centres that anybody would like to share, or have visited?



    sorry mines in the ‘sunny state’, got to be seaworld florida ( i think, been there 7 times on consecutive years, and of all the possible parks, epcot, disney world, animal kingdom, kenedy space centre, daytona beach, miami beach, clearwater beach, this has to be the daddy !!! , fed dolphins, stingrays, otters, sealions. Shark tanks are so big, even a 12 footer looks in comparison tiny, a useless bit of info for you, the acrylic’y glass above the walk through is about 4-5 in. thick and will hold 8 or nine double decker busses stacked one on top of each other, and of course its made in japan, seen ‘shamu’ and seen her baby growing, and being loved as expected, ‘she’s’ learning some basic tricks now, but most of time still swims close to mum, the ‘enclosure’ as they call it for these whales probably resembles the capacity of a large 8-10 bed house, and some 60-70 feet deep, shamu can spray with her tail, a staggering 14-18 rows of seats, and some 40-50 up into the stadium, when we go we sit well back even 20 rows, and still laugh when she gives her best shot, people are well warned, but still cam. cord. and yes they do get very wet, were talking 100+ people looking like they have jumped in and out of a pool, except the water is icy cold and not just cold, several people per show get called to spend time with shamu and stroke and cuddle, i’ve been unlucky so far, when she does her show, she throws one of the trainers off her snout, talking vertically now, tonnage out of water, at least 65-70 feet up, to a return dive. Have not yet swum with dolphins in discovery cove but maybe one yr. (costs each £140 per day). And me being me, i had to look for filters, all fenced off (high security stuff), but i could see a massive plant, probably be sufficient for a small town, all in green, with a mass of ‘spaghetti’ tube, i asked several staff about it, (very hush hush), and i asked on main gate, and they suggested the web, to which he said it was all he could say, definitely the daddy!! drop in one day, to me now once the first time i’d been i knew, no matter how hard it was to get there, (and it is very, i’m not showing off now), i would definitely be back, and i still look forward to nov. 2003 when i’ll be there again, thx for reading, ‘shamu’ lee


    Couldnt agree more with Leewink, however dont write off disneys Epcot centre, they have a 6 million gallon tank, they call it a reef but corals dont look real to me. they have a visitors section as well. you can even pay an “extra” 100 or so quid and spend 4 hours in the research centre with the staff and dive in the tank. didnt do that – couldnt quite justify it, but next time maybe.

    Also in the uk, try the rainforest cafe, if its the same as florida (i think they are ALL the same layout) then their tanks are pretty impressive as well, tried to see their filter section in Florida but again high secrecy, every one pleaded ignorent.

    But again yes Seaworld IMHO the most importnt place to visit if you go to Florida, I’ve been 3 years running now.


    We went this year in February, stayed in Disney itself this time, anyway promised myself that our next holiday will be in the carribean again but already craving for Florida, something about the place. Been 3 years running still havent been to Universal Studios yet either. Shamu….what a creature, ,. Mind you their reef section is poor…I couldnt afford discovery cove but I had m8s go there and they to honest regret spending the extra, in there ho good but maybe not that good.

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