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    Right from the off ive made the same mistake alot of people do. I’ve gone to the fish shop and purchased a coral without the prior knowledge.

    Obviuosly i’ve got myself a goniopora and im made up with it.

    I’ve realised it needs regular feeding so i have gone down the reef roids route and have followed peoples experiences on this fourm as well as youtube videos.

    The coral does like me feeding and visually enjoys it and id like to feed it daily.

    Does anyone else do this, if so do u make a batch in a syringe, leave it in the fridge? Maybe feed 1-2 ml a day and so on. The packaging recommends 1/4 teaspoon per 30 gallons of water and i assume its ok to spread this out over a week…


    There’s also a product called Goniopower which looks similar to Reefroids and is supposedly designed to feed gonis. I feed mine both to be on the safe side!


    I just mix reef roids in with my frozen food twice a week and chuck it in the tank. It is coral food, not just goni food. Go if you have other Corals broadcast feeding is the way to go IMO


    Call me OCD but I target feed all the corals that can benefit from it.


    Each to their own. That’s what I love about reef keeping. There aren’t 2 people that do it the same


    Sure! For every great tank where huge amounts of money are spent keeping nutrients low, there’s another looking wonderful with high nutrients. Reefkeeping seems to be an art sometimes rather than a science.


    How big is the tank?

    Keep an eye on Phosphate – too much food will rocket it, especially reef roids. It is a cracking product – but use is sparingly and watch the parameters :thumbup:

    How mature is the system, a goni is always a gamble – stability is key


    I use a mixture that I keep in a pot stored in the fridge of reef roids, reef snow and goniopower but they all look the same and probably is lol

    I can’t feed too much in the tank so I do what @wayne g does by taking them out in a tub and and squirt a bit in, that way it doesn’t affect the parameters. Wayne will show pics of his success of bring his gonio back from death by using goniopower

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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