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    Checked the tank over last night, all is fine.

    This morning i noticed only one cleaner shrimp came out to feed. I left it too it thinking it might of been sulking or molting somewhere.

    Early evening still no sign of him, so i inspected further, moved some rockwork around(i needed to do this anyway – i’ve just been putting it off)

    I found 3 dead hermit crabs with empty shells next to them and cleaner shrimp, all slightly been eaten by other hermits/shrimp – otherwise the cleaner shrimp looked like it had died fairly recently, half the eggs out and the back legs wrapped around them – i have removed all of them from the tank.

    I am absolutely gutted, i know its “only” a cleaner shrimp and some hermits but yeah… First tank marine tank.

    My params are good(i think)

    PH 8.1
    DKH 10.5
    Nitrate – 15ppm
    Nitrite 0ppm

    My Corals are all open, Goniopora, Torch, Zoas, Mushrooms.

    Should i do an emergency water change?
    Should i expect an ammonia spike?
    I have ran out of Ammonia tests so i will pick one up tomorrow – and test ASAP


    I dont think so, Gold head sleeper Goby, 3 green chromies and another cleaner shrimp. Thats all my livestock apart from corals.

    Tank is approx 6months old

    I have got a couple of aiptasia’s popping up that i need to get rid of?


    Are your nitrates usually that high? If not it might be the back end of an ammonia spike which you might not detect a couple of days later with ammonia test.

    It won’t hurt to change water, may be worth preserving a sample of current water though to test ammonia when you get a kit?


    Id love a mantis only tank! They are fascinating!

    I haven’t seen any hitchikers, apart from the od bristle worm and aiptasia.

    Nothing new has gone into the tank in past month apart from some coral frags that i dipped before.

    Im gutted about the cleaner as my lil boy(7) got them for me for my birthday beginning of december, he loves them and i love them! But i will have to break the news to him in the morning…

    i remember when i lost a really pretty gourami out of one of my tropical tanks… Cried his eyes out bless him… He was more attached to these shrimps though as they where from him!

    I will do some checks tomorrow once i have picked up a few more kits and ill put a barrel on mix tonight.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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