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    Hello, the new BB’s good, I wouldn’t know where to start creating a site etc and I’m a telecom network engineer!

    Anyway, I have a 80g FOWLR at the moment but am looking into a new 200g system which I may start down the reef road, however my 7″ adult Emperor angel is obviously a problem.
    Are there any corals/anenomes etc that would be safe with this fish, I was hoping to add a host anenome and a couple of clowns to the new set-up, and slowly build from there.

    Any idea’s are appreciated.


    Adult Emperor definately a problem. It depends on your budget, im sure some wont agree but the way I see it is that is where the fish lives and corals are in its natural diet. An Angel will often peck at corals but if alot are present it is unlikely it will quickly wipe out whole colonies, it may even benefit your angel that it is now getting its natural food source. Just a thought anyway. Polyps I believe are a favorite? get plenty of those in — – dont know how long they will last though?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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