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    Is there a way to remedy this? If I close the ball valve more, it puts more water down the emergency drain. Does the drain have to have water going down it? I thought the purpose of it was as a backup, so i thought it should be dry to stop algae etc building up.


    So for the herbie the drain should be fully submerged and just a trickle of water should be going down the emergency achieved by adjusting the valve on the main drain. Also make sure both pipes outlet is 1 inch below the sumps water line.


    I cant get a trickle down the emergency by adjusting the ball valve on the main drain. There is a lot of water going down it. Does the drain need to be taller?

    Why does water have to go down it if its ab emergency? Surely it should be dry


    I have no idea of the height of your pipes so couldn’t actually say. However if your drain is at full siphon the same amount of water will be going down it no matter the height. The valve is used to control this flow.

    As for the emergency. A slight trickle of water flowing down the emergency pipe has a few effects on the system. Inside the overflow box, the operating water level remains up at the top. Water passing over the the weir falls only a short distance, so it won’t splash and create noise. A trickle of water breaks the surface of water inside the overflow, preventing any scum from accumulating. The need for constant adjustments is reduced considerably.

    It’s been heavily debated on many forums whether the emergency should be wet or dry. For the reason above I say wet.


    I’ll add that using a ball valve is a lot harder than using a more precise gate valve


    It runs very quiet without water going down the emergency, even though the level is a bit lower


    If you want to run it dry you can, just be aware that anything that causes a change in the pipes flow rate will alter the water height.


    Hmm ok thanks. Could it be the emergency drain is too low?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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