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    Well I never did a tank thread for my last AR300 setup. So, as I never found many reviews for these tanks I have decided to start one and see how I get on. It will be a slow build as I gradually move equipment over and decide what method to use.


    Lovely looking tank mate, what volume is that tank?

    Love the cabinet more unusual than the standard style!


    Nice to see another Elos owner.


    Light unit installed (ATI Hybrid) and apex wav’s in position.
    cabinet electrics and sump just about done


    Just the scape now, trying to keep it minimal/simple.


    I was asked if i wanted a covering on the back, as my other tank is a black back I thought I would try it clear, I think I like it more this way 🙂
    I’ve built the equipment up over the last few years and swapped it over, I have taken the oppertunity to upgrade some though.


    Time for an update.

    Tank has been running for nearly two weeks now, just started to see light patches of diatoms on the sand.
    Kh has been dropping, so the doser is setup and has stabilised, Mg is being manually dosed as it’s slightly low, everything else seems to be ok.
    When the main elements are stable I will get a triton test done and do any corrections.

    This is my third setup, starting with the Redsea reef care programme, then Triton. This time I’m using a bit of a mix, Nyos balling salts and triton trace elements, I won’t be having a fuge this time, so will be back to water changes and using the same TropicMarin pro salt.
    I’ve also put all the apex probes in the DT this time, my thinking is this will give me tighter more accurate control and see exactly what’s going on in there, rather than what’s happening in the sump.

    Equipment list to date.

    Ati hybrid light unit.
    Apex for control and monitoring, Ph, conductivity,orp.
    Apex Wav’s for flow.
    Elos DC return.
    Elos osmotic topup.
    Elos PS2000 skimmer
    GHL 2 4ch doser.


    Hello, lovely looking tank 🙂 we are just setting up ours to Elos 120XL
    exciting times! I have a few questions I’ll message you

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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