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    I got a kamohara blenny yesterday, it seemed fine in the shop, went missing for a couple hours last night but re appeared. I wake up today and see my powerheads for surface agitation was off ( I turned it off while searching for it) and there was only a small lower down powerheads which gave 0 surface agitation. I looked for him and found him lying at the bottom of the tank gasping very heavily. I turn on the powerheads, oxygenate the water and within an hour he’s fine and swimming. I come back down tonight and see him lying on my algae scraper with whitish spots on his fins.
    Do they normally rest like this? I thought they normally stay swimming.


    Have to say it doesn’t look good, although it’s a bit strange the spots are all on one fin. Are there any spots anywhere else?

    In parallel with monitoring, what is your situation in the worst case scenario?

    What livestock do you have and are you set up for hospital treatment?


    Some guys on R2R SAYS it looks like ich. I only saw spots on this fin an some tiny ones on his other.
    I’ve currently got 2 clowns, a neon goby , 2 orchid basslets and the kamohara.
    Have absolutely no plan or backup tbh, but do have a spare 60l tub and 30l fish tank I could use.

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    Thank you, as much as I’d like it to be a false alarm some others seem pretty certain.
    Can’t even begin to imagine having to catch all the fish. Will literally destroy what I’ve spent the last 8 months making

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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