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    Hi as above its been closed up for about 4 days now and my other one is fine. I haven’t moved it or moved powerheads any thoughts please ?


    Those bubbletips having a go?

    Ime one head of a duncan gets upset by an attack, all go in

    Also duncans will loose a fight in an empty room


    Maybe but I have never seen the bubble tips reach out far enough to sting it


    The one on the left is well within range my bta is like an elastic band.


    We all have different experiences but my nem touched my Duncan and only one head closes everything else is fine. How long have you had it?what’s its flow like


    I personally don’t think it’s the BTA .
    I had a large 30cm Nem kill off about 10 Duncan heads of mine of a colony of about 50, everywhere it was physically touching it…
    The other side of my colony was perfectly fine even heads under the arc of the Nem tentacles were fine.. that said moving may help

    Duncan’s however are quite picky about flow and light, not enough flow and they sulk.
    They also don’t seem to like high iodine.. or any metals/toxins, I tend to use my Duncan colonies as early warnings of water issues.


    Dosing iodine is a good thing imo if you have a reliable test kit, but make sure you don’t go high, 0.08 or above will start to kill off a lot of things, inverts cuc and Duncan’s.
    Just stop for a couple of days then start with half dose if you dont trust your kit.


    I would have thought that space would be the biggest issue for most, personally I didn’t on this tank but it was setup fresh so nothing else In there to infect so to speak, as for the future everything will be in quarantine (still collecting a few 2nd hand bits) including coral just in case because pulling your main tank around is always annoying.

    So far the coral bases are the culprits for me for odd additions so all new corals will be severed, re mounted and dipped.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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