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    I’ve just started making my own DIY overflow as all the commercial ones were just to big (at the back) to fit on my tank.

    I am currently using acrylic for the building material – which may end up being the final product or act as the template for the final thing.

    Has anyone else tried this – what materials did they use


    I made one some time ago don-t use it anymore but it was made from 1.5 inch waste pipe and a couple of modified bubble up corner filters, it worked quite well. Only problem was small bubbles entering the U tube and eventually causing an air block.

    HTH – good luck

    I would fit a level switch on the sump return pump though – just in case


    Hi Codemonkey,

    a bit off topic but perhaps you can help me.

    I want to build an acrylic box for a dsb to fit on top of my sump but so far I have been unable to get decent supplier of acrylic. Homebase and the like sell thin acrylic sheets (couple of mm) which is not up to the job. I would like to use 10 mm sheets.

    As you are building your overflow box with acrylic perhaps you can suggest a supplier?


    Regarding the 1.5″ hole you are wanting to make, I’m assuming the material is Acrylic.
    If you have a router you can cut the hole with this – setting .75″ from pivot to outer edge of the bit u are using.

    I sometimes make a sub base for the router with MDF, drill & tap a M6 hole in the MDF at the .75″ dimension in relation to the outer cutter edge,then use an M6 bolt with the head cut off place it in a hole drilled in the centre point of location of the hole you want to cut


    I’ve seen that one – I used that to understand the principles – however I don’t like the idea of using pipes for the syphon – too easily blocked up from what I have been informed – I am going to build a syphon that is 7″ wide – less chance of an air lock building – and incorporate a valve that I can use to suck out any air – by curving the red and blue parts (see diagram) I hope that I will get smother water movement and cut out any eddies that would cause air to form so easily ie though cavitation

    I’ve added a diagram that shows what I am trying to do – this requires just 4 pieces – I am trying to locate thicker acylic myself as the stuff I have is just too brittle – this is of a similar style to the schraun overflow box (which happend to be 1 ” too big at the back)

    I am also going to drill at the corners of the cut out – as this is the normal failure point – I am going to attempt to cut out the hole using my dremel – lots of small holes and then just sane to shape – alas no router – though I will see if any one else has one


    there are plenty of acrylic dealers…check web

    heres one…

    you can get all thicknesses
    perspex or acrylic is ok but if your a bit nervous
    you could get it from deltec web site…they do all thicknesses
    as well as pipes ec,tho youd have to order throough a dealer I think


    I use an Amiricle overflow box and I had suffered from small bubbles building up in the Syphon which would eventially build up and break the syphon.

    Just use a far more powerful return pump, any small bubbles just swoosh straight through the syphon tube as the flow is soo fast. Doh originally suggested this – it works for me!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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