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    Interested in making some live rock as per some previous posts and the GARF site, only problems being GARF recommend Aragonite which being a northerner isnt anywhere to be seen in any local LFS and the UK DIY’ers say crushed oyster shell which is available from farm feed suppliers but being a northerner in the middle of liverpool there isnt many farms nevermind farm feed suppliers round here!!

    So cutting to the chase has anyone used or think using coral gravel will work just as well, I dont see a problem and its pretty reasonable but thought id get a second or third opinion before parting with the hard earned!


    If you are stuck i can give you number for a place in manchester that sells i get it for the hens i have helps them make better egg shells lol so drop me a line if you need it

    I was thinking of makeing some myself .


    I got crushed oystershell from a supplier called “Charnwood Milling”. They posted me 2 x 25kg bags. Postage cost as much as the shell but it still only worked out at £20 for the 50 kg. Much cheaper than coral gravel I’d have thought.

    Having said that, can’t see any reason the gravel would not work.

    Can get you a phone no. for Charnwood if you want.


    when my uncle made my cabinet and hood he used normal varnish (the tank was his but i borught it off him he had it 4 his seahorses) he says he used ronseal let it alldry frist and i have had no probs with it its been used 4 tropical fresh water and marine hth


    Out of curiousity whats the cost of this homemade lr?

    I have just received the 1st batch of dry lr from germany.
    £102 delivered for 30KGS.

    Since im a novice at this game i cant be certain about the origins of the stuff ive bought other than i know people on here have also ordered it and used it. Thats where i got the idea from!!!

    I have only looked in the top of the box, hope to get round to putting it in my tank over the weekend, but it looks like its made from coral and stuff like that on the bits i have seen.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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