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    Hi I’m looking to put around 10 small fish like damsels or cromis to fill the tank and raise my 0 nitrate and 0 phosphate. Has anyone else got a small shole of fish and how do they get on with each other and tank mates. My tank is a 5x2x2

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    I have 8 Allens damsels. Although they do bicker and chase a bit, they don’t harm each other, or other fish. Very active and colourfull fish. If you add a group of Chromis you’ll likely end up with just one. Allens are one of the more peaceful damsels. Mine have been in the DT after quarantine for 8 months now and doing very well.


    Thanks will look in to them as they are a nice looking fish.

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    I’m going to mention the ‘Chromis’ word but not the ones you think, ignore the ‘green’ Chromis.

    Black bar Chromis (C.retrofasciatas)
    Half and half Chromis (C.iomelas)
    Blue head Chromis (C.limbaughi) if you can find them
    Caribbean blue Chromis (C.cyanea)

    To name a few there more if you fancy researching them. Like most fish they don’t ‘shoal’ in our small tanks but they will live as a group and interact (I found the black bar behaviours particularly interesting). They can be mixed and matched, easy to keep and feed. Perfect jitter fish.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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