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    the site seems to have slowed up in the past few days. Has anyone else experienced it? I know it’s not due to time of day as this also happens in the middle of the night (sad, I know) . My other web access is very quick as I’m using a cable modem, but just noticed that it can take several minutes sometimes to load the pages….Or it could be NTL:fmad:

    Just thought you should know:wink:


    Thanks. My Kalwasser top-up is via Tunze Osmolator which runs often and adds pretty small amounts of Kalk at the time (to the sump). Don’t think this can cause any major KH/PH swings, but I can replace kalk with pure water for a few weeks and see it this helps…

    Flow – tried moving small xenia rock to different flow areas – not much difference, but seems to be surviving slightly better (but just barely) in extremely high flow areas.

    Regarding lighting – yes it’s very different. On the old tank I had 3 x T5, new one has 2 x Kessil 360 LEDs currently running at 60% (started from 30% and increasing gradually). But again, I tried to place different xenia pieces right at the bottom and very close to the top – no difference. Unless it doesn’t like LEDs at all…



    I too have been having major problems loading pages – sometimes in excess of 5 mins.

    My home ISP is NTL cable but at work I use BT ISDN which is just as bad.

    Like darren, my other net access is nice & fast so the problem definately seems to lie with the host of ultimatereef.



    Hi again,

    I just did a traceroute to see where the problem lies – seems to be ultimatereef’s server – see below (apologies for the techie answer!)

    If u look at node 24, you will see that it has lost 50% of the packets sent to it

    Pete, may be worth speaking to your hosting company



    Since the board change i have had big probs with speed or the big lack of it,i have had my line checked with bt even an engineer out to do some checks but found no problem to do with line.
    The speed is so slow i just give up it takes minuits to load from page to page and find some times impossible to veiw some of the posts,is there anything i can do regards setup when on the web.
    i dont get the same probs when visiting r.c board.

    Standard 56k modem with Tiscali

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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