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    so today i dumped too much food in my tank on accident, so i grabed the net, fished it out, figured might as well take care of this algae problem while im at it, i have a good amount on the rocks on one side of my tank

    so i grab a bucket and start reaching in and pulling some off, they didnt seem mad or agressive at 1st, but i pulled on a patch that grows oddly out of one rock on the other side of the tank for the rest of the algae, towards where they hang out, i dont know if it was a nest or what but the large one rammed my hand when i was pulled algae off that rock. after that he pretty much was trying to scare me off anytime i put my hand in, charged it 2 more times lol

    anyone know whats up with this?


    Clownfish get pretty feisty and defensive at times, especially if you happen to be plucking at things near where they like to sleep or are making a nest.

    Unfortunately this is not behaviour that is likely to stop. Our male Occ clown has become very aggressive when we are cleaning in their territory.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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