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    Hello! So both of my clownfish have sadly passed away to an unknown illness. On Thursday I went to work with both fish perfectly fine however, when I came home the one that has been in the tank the longest was dead in the rock work slightly pale with frayed fins and a large hole on the underside. Then I have been away Friday and Saturday to come back Sunday to have no fish in the tank. There is no sign of a body of the last clown. All parameters are in check and my tank is a fluval evo 13.5 55l tank. I have had the one clownfish in the tank since the middle of January. I added the newest clown to the tank about two weeks ago where I had an initial worry on the first day where it seemed to have a few white spots on its body, these disappeared after a day or two, so I thought nothing of it. Sadly, it seems the morale of the story is to quarantine. Now I am left with a fishless tank would the best steps next be to leave it fallow?


    Try again from a different shop. Just make sure all the water parameters are correct first.
    Also just thinking about it could you have a rogue mantis shrimp. They are bloody annoying and will silently remove healthy fish in a stable healthy tank.


    Sorry to hear this :(.

    The safest strategy is to leave the tank fallow for 12 weeks. Quarantining new stock is always a wise move imo.


    I don’t thinks so I’ve never seen any sign of one and it’s only a small tank. No real update on the situation either I’ve lost a couple of snails and the tank is no better or worse. My hammer nearly completely receded but I seem to have saved it and it’s no longer dying and is puffing up slightly.


    +1 on leaving tank fallow especially as you cant put your finger on what has caused the deaths


    Sorry to hear, there’s two possible causes really, contaminant or pathogen. I certainly wouldn’t just put some more fish in, but would perform a series of large water changes and take @Salmo Si’s good advice on leaving fallow. Have a look at running a prophylactic quarantine regime for any new fish going in the aquarium which will help you massively reduce the changes of a pathogen or parasite getting in again.


    If there is nothing in the tank, why not drop the salinity to 1.009 for a couple of weeks, raise to 1.015 salinity and add your stock during this period. Best advise I ever got after 4 years …. touch wood, never had a problem since and I still run my tank at 1.015 without problem, but it is FOWLR obviously.


    This will not work for a couple of reasons:

    i) Hyposalinity doesn’t work against Velvet and also tomonts will not be affected, allowing them to hatch after salinity has risen again.

    ii) Inverts etc will not tolerate the salinity drop.

    I would not try to short cut it. Use the opportunity to do it properly.

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