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    I can see the skeptics coming but…….

    lets see if it succeeds or fails! as I had this aquaone 40 solely for the purpose of designing a sensor mount for the ATU-pro3 and subsequently for testing the micro-skimmer and micro-reactor its now served its purpose.

    The appearance of these tanks has grown on me so decided its ending up in the living room (I have a very understanding wife) and since turning my RSM 130C into freshwater it had to be tropical marine but…

    decided to turn the clock back and set it off as I would have done 35 years ago (almost)
    WHY? because I can and thats the best answer I have, except for the fact that back then I had less hassle and dont even remember things like cyano being around (they probably were but I never had it then) yes corals where not on the menu, only as skeletons so wont be going that route

    so, we start with the undergravel filter using wood airstone powered by air (no noisy pumps) and a reasonably thick layer of coral sand.

    skimmer added to rear compartment which of course is the micro-skimmer again air powered, that’s 2 pumps removed from the usual setup, still need the stock pump to circulate water through the rear compartments though.

    here I might be critisized but have used tap water, didnt have RO back then at least not for aquatic use so didnt have a choice

    micro reactor added using activated carbon, the reactors I dont believe where around back then but the carbon most certainly was so bent my own rules a little

    Lighting – now here I have veered off course and gone for LED, to have done any other just would not suit the tank

    have been cycling the tank in the workshop for the past few weeks using the original method – you guessed it a de-composing shrimp

    time to move it to the lounge and did it tonight, syphoned water out, moved tank and water back in within the hour, initially cloudy but I hour later a fairly clear (put this down to the UG

    tomorrow – will take some pics and do some basic water tests like ammonia, pH, nitrite and nitrate remembering that all we did then – will post update as soon as


    I wouod have loved to have the experience of not dealing with the gadgets and the modernisation of tanks. Seems these days its more about what brands are on your list of equipment and how much you can rely on equipment and apps to run your tank.

    looking forward to pics x


    would have liked to have used the coral skeletons bleached white as did back then but firstly it doesnt appear to be readily available anymore, think there may have been a ban in the past as not morally acceptable (like ivory) if that is the case then rightfully so as living corals where probably destroyed to supply a demand.
    unsure where to proceed but have used a couple of resin coral replica’s at the moment


    Blimey, this takes me back to my first marine tank 35 odd years ago, which wasn’t very successful! Only thing missing is the tufa rock! Good luck with it Gordon hope it succeeds


    update – still letting it tick over, thinking maybe couple of clowns with a bubble tip anemone, no live rock – its a keep it simple tank.
    white resin coral arrived today but unfortunately damaged (repairable but will see if replacement available first)


    ok its up and running with a cleaner shrimp as its first tenant – would have preferred a coral banded but none readily available.
    this tank has used tap water cycled by the rotting shrimp method, uses under gravel filtration and artificial corals, in addition is the air skimmer and activated carbon – understand that I am by no means recommending others to follow my example, its an experiment to show that not all the methods used 30-40 years ago where wrong, its how today’s methods have come to where they are now and I am convinced (almost) that we have left behind some useful lessons.
    time will tell as this tank progresses


    Cool project, but don’t 70’s tanks need to be full of lionfish and angels?
    What are you going for fishwise? A group of humbug or domino damsels would probably look the part…. until they kill each other

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