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    Hi thinking about purchasing a dos and setting it up to perform automated waterchanges. I have done a bit of research and the initial set up looks to be relatively easy. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or has run into any issues with theirs? Plan is to have fresh water situated in a cupboard aprox 4m away from tank and waste will run through the kitchen units and into the household drainage aprox 3m away. One thing that i am concerned about is how the ato will be affected, I aim to use it to perform waterchanges of aprox 10-20l a day or do a large waterchange 80l over the course of a day if I’m doing the latter I don’t really want to have the ato off all day as the salinity may rise can anyone tell me if it’s possible for both pumps to run simultaneously so that the water level doesn’t budge? Planning on removing waste water straight from the tank weir and adding the fresh water feed into the return pump to avoid removing the fresh water as it’s added. At the moment it’s just an idea but thinking would be good for stability and takes care of doing manual waterchanges also ideal if I go on holiday as tank would pretty much run itself till I returned.
    Interested to see what people’s thoughts are on this as I do worry about over automating things sometimes…

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