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    I just put an anthius in my tank today and within minutes the damsel set to work, what should I do and how long should i leave it before I think about taking one of them out?


    rob did you turn all the lights off a few hours before you added it? this usually settles the other fish down…

    like husky says keep an eye on them, otherwise try and pull the damsel – may be easier said than done


    I know tell me about it Doh, I didnt turn the lights off no, they are on a timer. The little anthius which is about as big as my damsel is hiding behind a rock but when ever he comes out gets attacked. How long should i leave it before trying to cantch the damsel?. Never seen anthius this small before thats why i bought it partly (small tank) its about 2inch if that!.


    Hi Rob,

    What damsel is it? I used to have a blue damsel that was as docile as you could get, however I also had a humbug that was a right git and would attack anything new, it actually went blacker in the face when it was angry and you could hear the “pop” of the water when it attacked other fish. Get the damsel out if you can because I reackon it will always attack newcomers now it sees the tank as it’s territory.


    If you want to catch the Damsel without tearing down your whole reef, here’ how to do it. Get a clean, clear 1 liter bottle. Cut the top off at the point where it starts to narrow. Take the top piece you just cut off and turn it upside down ( so it looks like a funnel). Place the bottom of the funnel inside of the remainder of the bottle. Secure it with clear tape.

    Lay this trap on it’s side at the bottom of the tank. Insert some brine ( preferably live)into the trap. The damsel will see the movement of the brine and try to feed. The only way the damsel can eat is by swimming into the trap. Once it swims into the trap it is very hard for it to get out. Then you just lift him out of the tank.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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