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    I know that for many reeffers that have well establish and grown aquariums this doesn’t matter, however for the ones that have started tanks with small frags and aiming to have SPS’s on the tank seeing noticeable growth is motivating…

    So, I was wondering if we can find ways to accelerate the SPS’s growth and came across an interesting theory: high alkalinity (11-12 dKH), high flow and reasonable light results in accelerated coral growth (this assuming Ca, Mg, No3, Po4, etc. are all present in the water at what is considered normal levels, i.e. Ca around 390-450, Mg 1300-1400, No3 1-2 ppm, Po4 <0.01)…

    I also know that the majority will say that Kh should stay between 7-8, but what do you guys think?

    As an additional comment I will say that I’ve filled my tank initially with the Red Sea Pro Salt and had the alkalinity at around 12, with people saying it was too high, so I’ve moved to the Red Sea Salt which resulted in a drop of alkalinity to around 8… Now, might be impression but I believe the corals had more “white” tips (of growth) with high Kh than now. Don’t get me wrong I think I have great growth currently, but just felt it was even better before…

    Have any of you experience accelerated growth with high Kh? Have you had any “disasters” with consistent high alkalinity?


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