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Time for an update, not a good one either.
I went on holiday for a fortnight and came back to a major cyno outbreak. So out comes the siphon and several water changes and I’m slowly getting to grips with it.
Takes a sample of water over for a test to find low Alk, high phos and nitrates.
Gets home sets up the doser and starts dosing Alk and nopox. The nopox is great within a week I had halfed the phos and nitrates and my Alk had come back up to just over 6, was at 5.1 on the test.
A lot of my lps were sulking, mainly my torches and a couple of acans, upon further inspection I noticed something on them, flatworms not the little red ones but white ones about 10mm long. Got out the Rx pro mixed it up and started dipping the torches and a couple of the acans. Must of removed a couple of hundred of the things. Was talking to my lfs and he recommended putting a wrasse in,so I bought a white bellied one to eat the worms, will wait and see if that works.
And to add the cherry to the top of my problems I am covered in Aips for some reason, haven’t added any coral for ages, the only thing added was a piece of reef rock from a shop, starting to think this was previously used and then put up for sale. So again with the advise of my Lfs I’ve added 2 peppermint shrimps, but having a real good look around my tank I have a bigger Aip problem than first thought. So much so I’m thinking of ripping it apart now.

But on a good note, must always end on a positive, I have managed to swap my Xf250 for a 230 on here with the help of @grey2864 thanks bud.