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Now over to the dry cupboard side. This is still a work in progress and will be finished as I decide what I’m doing.
I am using the dj 8 way switches again on this build, these need to be modded to fit the cupboard width, 1 is done still got 1 to do hence temp existent ion lead. Power packs have been mounted to the back wall along with some trunking. The controllers have been temporarily mounted onto the sides, these will eventually be mounted to a panel in front of the shelf hiding the rest of the wiring.
I don’t know if they changed the design of the cupboard but I read they had adjustable shelf. Mine didn’t so I moved the 4 pins that hold the shelf up down about 100mm so the shelf ended up below the cable entry from the sump side.
I have also started to build an automated system using a plc to switch pumps etc off for feeding. Don’t know what route I will take with the automation but wouldn’t mind monitoring temp and ph aswel.